Apple’s iOS 6 leaves original iPad out in the cold

One of the surprising things about Apple’s new iOS 6, which I reviewed in my column today, is that owners of the original iPad can’t install it.

Apple released the iPad about two-and-a-half years ago. At the time, the company touted the device’s fast processor and slick operation. Yet now the company has essentially declared the device to be obsolete.

If you were one of those who jumped on the iPad bandwagon right away — and paid $500 or more for your device — you have every right to feel duped now.

It’s not that the iPad will suddenly become unusable. But it won’t become much more useful than it already is. The new functions that Apple is adding to iOS, such as Siri or the ability to stream photos to your friends, will never make it to the original iPad. And it’s likely that developers will sooner or later stop writing apps that will run on it, in part because the new features that they can access on other iOS devices won’t run on the old iPad.

But the bigger problem is one of security and stability. Once Apple puts out a new version of iOS, it has traditionally stopped updating older versions. Any new bugs and security holes that are subsequently discovered are left unfixed.

To be sure, it’s not surprising that Apple has decreed that certain devices won’t get the update. With each new version of iOS or Mac OS, they company usually leaves some devices out in the cold. Apple didn’t make a version of iOS 5 for my iPhone 3G. And with iOS 6, Apple is leaving behind the third-generation iPod touch in addition to the original iPad.

Apple’s seeming rationale for leaving behind certain devices is that it allows the company to improve the software without feeling like it has to be held back by the oldest, slowest devices. The policy also, obviously, encourages new device sales; if you want to get the latest, greatest features — or even an up-to-date copy of the operating system — you have to upgrade to a new device.

From a consumer perspective, that policy is somewhat understandable when it comes to the iPhone. American consumers tend to replace their cell phones every two years, and Apple’s iOS updates usually have been applicable to phones that are more than two years old. For example, the iPhone 3GS, which is now more than three years old, will get a version of iOS 6.

And the update situation for iPhone owners is worlds better than that faced by owners of most Android devices. For them, it’s seldom clear if or when they will get an operating system update; some have had to wait nine months to get the latest version of Android. With iOS, all iPhone owners who have an eligible device can upgrade to the latest version of the software right away.

But Apple’s policy of leaving older devices out in the cold seems remarkably unfair to owners of the original iPad — and a worrisome indicator of Apple’s attitude toward tablet buyers.

Consumers may expect to replace a phone every two years or so, but they don’t generally expect to replace a computer that often. With a computer, you often shell out a larger amount of money (at least up-front) than you would with a phone, and you expect the device to last proportionally longer. The conventional wisdom is that it should last for three to five years. But Apple seems to be suggesting that we ought to replace our iPads ever two years or so — just like the iPhone.

Five hundred dollars (or more) seems a lot to shell out every two years or so for a device that’s being pitched as a new-age PC replacement. Just remember that the next time you consider buying one.


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  • I am angry.
    We, the Buyers of the original iPad, are the “early adopters”
    Why did you exclude us from the party, Apple?

    • Think Deference

      “Here’s to the crazy ones… The misfits. The rebels. The pioneers. The early adopters. The ones who buy things differently. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing we can’t do is upgrade them. Because they keep things. They push longevity forward. And while some may see them as the careful ones, we see cheapskates. Because the people who are crazy enough to buy the first version — are the ones we’re first to ignore!”

    • Jeromy

      My annoyance is that the iPhone 3GS got updated, but not the iPad 1 which has equal to or better specs than the 3GS. It is not like it can’t run on it. But with no camera on the iPad 1, they may want to be phasing it out because even I would prefer a newer one.

      • To Apple, we are not “loyal early adopters”, we are tight-fisted cheapskates. Their business is built on people who must have The. Latest. Thing. The fact that you and I have kept our original iPads is an affront. We drag their stock down by “thinking different” about how their products should be bought and used.

        That said, I hate Apple for doing this.

  • Kathy

    This just infuriates me. I have been an Apple lover and defender and I feel like they just slapped me in the face. I use my ipad religiously and depend on it. I am in no position to replace it. This is ridiculous!! I think I am going to have to rethink my loyalty to Apple products. I feel like a fool for defending them in the past. Seriously you turn your back on the loyals after only 2 years. We are all not swimming in cash. I’m livid!

    • Jane

      I feel exactly the same way! My loyalty is now gone………. No more Apple products for me.

      • Horea

        I have the same feelings. I’m pretty sure I won’t upgrade my iPhone and my next tablet won’t be an iPad.

    • Rotten Apple

      I am a dedicated PC user but recently have bought nothing but Apple in the last 2 to 3 years for my personal use. I am an IT Director for a major communications company that spans the US. However, this is the last straw, Apple’s arrogant, self-centered, and mindless disrespect for their users and their user’s wallet has broken this camel’s back. I will never buy another Apple product. Imagine what would have happened if Microsoft had abandoned Windows XP only two years after it was introduced? Even now, almost 12 years later it still commands about a 25% share! And Microsoft gave more than 2 years notice before it will stop supporting it in 2014! For once, Apple could take lessons from Microsoft! Shame on you for dumping the early-adapters in the tablet world. I was thinking seriously of updating my tablet to the new iPad, but now will go with the new Kindle Fire HD – hopefully I’ll be able to dump the iPad on some unsuspecting Apple zombie on eBay. Remember Apple – it was us that made you so successful. Now that you turn your back on us, don’t be surprised if your arrogance gets shot down a notch or two.

      • Manny Cervantes

        Unbelievable! I was given a 1st gen iPad with wi-fi and 3G plus accessories by my wife (quick math: 700 bucks). Although at the time I wished she had not spent that much I came to really like it and now that my old PC has to be replaced was seriously thinking of also a MAC Pro or at minimum a MAC Air based on how well I have come to like my iPad.

        Having just discovered that Apple has thrown us under the bus, now it’s back to comparing other non-Apple products and just using my old iPad until it has no use other than as a door stop. I’m 70 years old and can’t just stand in a line and go ga-ga every few months and keep paying for the newest gee-whiz version. If Tim thinks switching from Google Maps was maybe not a good idea just wait until all the other original buyers become aware they have been abandoned. There is a limit to everything, Tim-Bad move.

        We are left to scrounge around for the best we can get in a market where the value of the 1st gen iPad is at less that 1/3rd the original value not even three years ago.

    • Kathy

      One more thing. I was expecting some fixes, such as, the ability to sort reminders by date. How the heck do you have a checklist without the ability to sort #fail.

      Defending Apple has become more difficult than defending my slutty sister.

      • Sam Stone

        Kathy…you don’t need to defend Apple..nor do you need to defend your slutty sister…by the way what’s her number 🙂

    • Rudy

      I feel the same as you Kathy. I’ve been loving, recommending and defending Apple products for 10 years, but not updating my original iPad after having several Apple computers, laptops, iPods, iPhones….. unbelievable!!! It’s really frustrating, instead of doing that they should gift us an iPad after all we’ve been buying from them.

    • Tracy Hayes

      Is this the first sign of things to come after the passing as Steve Jobs R.I.P.
      Sad days and years ahead.
      Apple will become just 1 of the money grabbing crowd.
      Jailbreak now the only way to go and less money spent in app store.

      • Ricardo Santos


        Because when Steve Jobs was alive things where exactly the same. Remember when they found a defect on the iPhone 4?

        Granted, Steve was a great salesman, but the bottom line is that Apple loyalty was never reciprocal. (aka, the company has never had any loyalty to its fan-base or developers).

    • Vince

      I’m right there with you. Given this exclusion, the whole Maps debacle, the iOS-ification of Mountain Lion, and removing ports from laptops, I’m seriously rethinking my brand loyalty. I don’t see myself wasting any more money to buy over-priced non-standard equipment from Apple. Unless Windows 8 is a hopeless mess, I’ll probably go back to Dell for my next machine. Even if it is a hopeless mess, I’ll probably go back to Dell and just put Linux on it.

  • Robert

    Electronics have a shelf life. get over it. you want fancy new features you have to pay for it.

    • Richard

      “Electronics have a shelf life. get over it”? C’mon. I’m not looking for fancy new features… I’d like to know that the expensive device I have will remain secure/safe to use. And yes, electronics don’t last forever, but 2 years doesn’t strike me as a reasonable “shelf life” … 3 to 5 is more likely.

      At the very least Apple should offer security updates for devices they’re leaving behind…

      One upside to not being able to upgrade, I guess, is that I won’t be subjected to Apple’s version of maps…

      • Mike

        Yes, but now all the apple store apps are crashing, I can no longer browse for new apps on my iPad 1, the second I try to go to the main page in iTunes, App Store, iTunes U, or iBooks, it crashes to home screen.

        So we can no longer browse for things to buy from Apple. We can only search for stuff. Soon apple will probably change the format of the rest of the store pages and not just the featured page, and then we will truly be out in the cold.

        • Scott Pam

          My iPad won’t even connect to the App Store.

    • Scott Pam

      Shelf Life? I have PC’s that are 7 years old than can run Windows 7! Apple is choosing to make everything obsolete in the hope of making us purchase a new phone and iPad every two years. So, if you are like me, and get the largest capacity iPhone and iPad, you would be spending nearly OVER $1500 every two years! Holy batcrap!

      That is a ridiculous amount for cost of ownership per year and clearly no longer worth it. Apple will have many who will still spend that money to get the latest and the greatest. I can see moving towards tablets and phone that are Android and will still run the next gen OS when released.


    • Manny Cervantes

      It’s not the features; we will gladly pay for those. It’s the flat-out decision to not offer anything whatsoever for those that have kept the 1st generation tablet. We understand that not all the new stuff works on the new OS will work on our old tablets, but to give us nothing except an “Oh, by the way….?

  • Ronald

    As a technological consumer, I must say that this frankly is a disappointment in my eyes. Really, Apple should make it to the iOS 6 update is downloadable for the original iPad. People who bought the iPad were the first ones to get a glimpse of what Apple is really made of, and this just lowered my respect for Apple dramatically. We payed $500+, so we should be able to get iOS 6. If the folks at Apple truly had a goal for the satisfaction of their customers, iOS 6 could be downloaded on the original iPad, but, seeing as they’re like many other technology empires, they only strive to serve the new and now, not the old fashioned and first comers. Thanks so much, Apple. You’ve just lost the respect of one of your customers.

  • Dan in DC

    Perhaps there were technical limitations? Apple has a pretty good track record of extending devices with new iOS support and, in this case, they actually have a financial advantage to get people to the new iOS for new app sales and advertising revenue. So my guess is that some technical issue limited them from doing this. I’m not throwing Apple under the bus on this. (Oh, btw, reason for the new dock adapter is because mini-USB can’t charge the iPad. Apple’s new adapter for the iPhone 5 carries enough power to run the iPad. So Apple does at least think about long term iPad needs.)

    • Jorge

      Dude,if you check Europe all phones are require to ha a mini USB, including all apple phones and tablets. The reason they did it is the same reason they do everything “Money”. Same reason they are not upgrading my iPad. The difference between the iPhone 3GS and the iPad are minimal and the iPhone is getting an upgrade.why?

      • Jimmy

        Phones don’t require as much current to charge. MiniUSB can not handle the current required to charge an iPad. It also doesn’t have enough pins to support other functionality that the dock port provides.

      • Scott Pam

        Because they figured out that they can up their sales revenue by forcing all of us original adopters of the iPad to buy new ones.

        Nope. I will root my Nook Color before I spend another $$ on Apple products.

        It looks like they blew it this time and this may end up backfiring on them.

  • Keith

    Seems strange that they will provide an update for the 3Gs that has been out longer than the original iPad….granted I can get up to almost $200 if I were to trade my original iPad in, but if they are going to allow an OS upgrade to the 3GS they should allow it for the original iPad. I’m not asking for everything to be updated on the iPad 1, but atleast give it something like the 3GS is getting

  • Arthur

    Get over it Troy Wolverton, if you can’t afford a new tablet every two and a half years, just don’t buy a damn new tablet. People feel like they’re entitled to support and updates for a decade because they’re early adopters. You bought a product not a service, and you enjoyed for nearly 3 years, you can enjoy for 3 more if you want, no one is forcing you to buy the new iPad, there are still plenty of apps and the ones you have won’t go away overnight.

    Besides, it’s not as if the old iPad is going in the trash can, you can get a couple hundred dollars back if you sell it on eBay to someone that doesn’t care that much about iOS 6.

    P.S.: speaking of keeping up to date, maybe you should fix your crappy website to work in Chrome.

    • Manny Cervantes

      So you think we should all stand in a line every 2 and a half years? No one is saying that we should keep stuff 10 years, that’s a stretch, but to get in line of what looks like zombie praying mantises which have grown an extra appendage at the end of one hand? You do that.

      • pk de cville


        Reading Comprehension. What words in his statement make you think he wants all of us to stand in line?

        • Andy Vee

          I have an 8+ year old computer that is still working fine here, after some upgrades over the years; of course it is not my main one, but it sits right here, side by side to the newer one, a 1+ year old i7. I also have an almost 5+ year old notebook, very usable yet too, after I upgraded its HD to an SSD and added more RAM. Until less than a year ago, I had a 12+ year old computer running an http and a game servers for me and unfortunately the ORIGINAL HD died but I will soon clone it and fix it because I miss my servers. My wife uses a 4+ year old computer, she never complains about it. For tough tasks, I use my main, the i7. All of these computers were assembled by myself, except, of course, the notebook. All of them are still supported by Microsoft. I just cannot understand this notion of having to replace working stuff with the latest just to HAVE the greatest, or maybe show off the greatest. We do have an iPad 3rd gen and I really don’t care that it is now not anymore “the latest and greatest” and I have not updated it to iOS 6 and don’t plan on doing so. But I feel bad for those that trusted Apple only 2.5 years ago and now certainly feel that they have been screwed up. Support is everything in the IT world.

  • Mark

    What difference does it make what any of us think? Apple has a few hundred BILLION reasons not to be at all concerned with what I think. Business as usual.

  • Josh

    If you think iPad 1 owners are angry, check back in a couple years when everyone who paid between $2,000-3,000+ for a retina Macbook can’t upgrade to the latest OS. There is a reason Apple is tying EVERYTHING to apps and app “stores”, control. Love or hate Windows, you had to have a real dog of a machine not to be able to upgrade to Windows 7. If it worked, it worked, if not, oh well, but they didn’t prevent you from trying unless your machine was so old, it wasn’t worth the waste of time. In that case, they saved you from yourself. But a fairly “young” two year old computer could almost always upgrade to the latest version of Windows. Just saying….

  • Howard

    Yeah so the 3gs which is older then the ipad will get it, but my $850 ipad wont. Hmmm why am I an early adopter? I should have learned when I paid 500 cash for my original iphone then they dropped the price to $300. Maybe it cant handle the new update though, my ipad1 crashes apps all the time now. I dont mind missing out on new features, its just that new or updated apps that could or do run fine will require 6.
    It was fun though when having the first iphone/ipad was a big deal. guess that is what is missing now with apple products, new one same as the old one. and we all have them. guess that why Im getting a note 2. now thats different (and my eyes aren’t getting younger and my pants aren’t getting tighter.

  • Mike McCloskey

    My iPad 1 was the first apple device I ever bought and may be the last because of this. Apple has the highest market capitalization of any company in the world but they still feel they need to squeeze every last penny from their fanatical customers. Apple’s loyalty to their customers is much lower than their customers’ loyalty to Apple. Microsoft looks pretty good in comparison.

  • Spin

    I think it sucks

  • irwin

    early adopters? like you didn’t know what you were getting when you went and buy your ipads. you knew you exactly you were going to get a piece of technological revolution that’s why you paid a premium for it. and how do your ipads serve you now with ios5? is it all that bad? come on. you bought a piece of equipment with capabilities you’re well aware of, got a major os update for free, and you’re unhappy? go ask microsoft if they’ll upgrade your computer when a new windows comes out or dell to upgrade your os. i don’t remember apple making promises for os updates for all their products to kingdom come.

    so your loyalty to apple is gone. go ahead and see what the competition has to offer. let’s see up to how many android/windows incarnations your non-apple tablet will be compatible with.

  • Barry

    Ipad is more powerful than some phones that got the update. My guess is that they want to force us with older IPads to upgrade….. I personally don’t have loyalty to Apple, but the IPad is a good product. I’ve been contemplating Android and Windows tablets… Just surprised Apple is limiting upgrade of OS’s to products 3 – 4 years old, then forcing upgrades…

  • Mauro

    I am angry.
    We, the Buyers of the original iPad, are the “early adopters”
    Why did you exclude us from the party, Apple?
    Thank u so much for this big surprise

  • Ed

    I just bumped into this site and see a lot of unhappiness about iOS 6 not running on 2010 vintage original iPads. The short support periods are normal for Apple and always have been. I’ve been an Apple customer and user for 33 years now–nearly the entire history of the company–and have seen this rate of revision (and negative user opinions over short market life) occur from the late 1970s to now, from the original Apple ][ to the newest Retina display Macbooks. Apple creates high quality, easy to use products. However, the revision life of their products is very short compared to other manufacturers and environments. Mac/OS and iOS may be market-viable for only 18 to 24 months, their services (like the recently ended MobileMe) may only be in service for mere months (24 to 36 or so). Other products from other manufacturers, like Windows XP from Microsoft, may be in service for 10 or more years. Other environments, like the various Linux distributions, may be nearly as modern as Apple or Microsoft offerings, and can run easily and comfortably (sans modern hardware capabilities) on a ten year old notebook computer. Other environments, like the mainframe world, can cheerfully run programs written anywhere from last week to 40 to 50 years ago. Apple is just a company, and they make excellent products you may find useful in your life. But Apple is not a cause or a religion. From Apple, expect short support terms lasting only months. Put your longer term core infrastructure systems elsewhere–like mainframes or Linux systems.

  • Marlo

    I agree with your point of view! I most definitely feel duped. We invested more than $1000 in the original iPads in December of 2010. It has not even been two years! That’s an outrage! Does Apple offer some sort of trade in or upgrade from an old device? If not, they should.

    • Jimmy

      Yes, they do. Or you an use (no affiliation) to sell your IPads. You’ll likely get more money from them.

  • Ross

    To all those complaining so loudly I have just one question – did your iPad 1 stop working after iOS 6 come out?

    • Eric Gibbs

      Pretty much. When I updated most of my apps they have now started crashing and the iTunes store won’t even load. I have a 9 inch ipod classic now with a pretty screen. The only difference is safari. I have lost about half the functionality of my ipad due to developers updating for the new ipad and not supporting older software since Apple has always been “gotta have the latest to run it.” I baby my devices and expected at least 3-5 years out of them. The bait and switch with the data plan was the first hit and then the overcharge on the data plans was the second. This just makes me that much angrier.

    • SK

      Ever since io5, my iPad 3G crashes intermittently. Have been to Apple store where my iPad was reformatted. Still crashes for no reason. Was waiting for io6 in hopes that this would finally fix the issues. I guess not.

      So, am I expecting too much from my $900 e-reader? Sux to be me.

      Thinking twice about buying an iPhone 5 to replace my 4s.

  • token

    As a university administrator I bought 25 iPad 1 and then 10 ipad2. Being apple leaving its academic partners to update devices, I would switch to win8 tablet in a heart beat. Bye apple! Hello windows!

    • Jimmy

      Is the same Microsoft who won’t give Win8 updates to those that bought Lumia 800 and 900 phones. If you bought a Lumia today, you won’t get an upgrade.

      Apple haters always profess they do this. “I bought Apple devices but they won’t do something I want, so I’m switching to a platform where they treat me even worse!” Worse than the fanboys.

  • Jerry

    There probably are technical limitations like the amount of RAM needed for iOS 6. Not getting new OS features is OK.

    The problem is the App Store will have fewer and fewer compatible apps, some of your existing apps will stop working with server updates, and your other apps will taunt you to update when you can’t.

  • After spending just under $1000 for the iPad with 64GB, WiFi and 3g just about two years ago, I am totally disappointed with Apple and their decision to obsolete a two year old tablet and no longer support.

    This is a major break for me and my customers who bought the tablet as well.

    Outraged is another emotion when I think that the cost per ownership per year for this iPad is nearly $500!!! Wow. Talk about overpriced.

    This will probably be the end of many customers for Apple as they realize that Apple keeps leaving them in the cold unless they want to spend money, lots of it, every two years.

    After the debacle with most of he IOS 6 mapping being BETA and once again, the public is being asked to test it for Apple, my next upgrades will probably be along the Android lines of products.

  • Gerry

    Oh please. Apple customers have it easy. I bought an Android phone 6 months ago, and not only did it not come with the latest OS, I found out it will never get an OS upgrade.

    • Nate

      Well you can of course always root it and install an updated OS onto it, depending on the phone. I mean hell, the T-Mobile G1, the first major marketed android phone (and i think first released to the public) can run the latest version of android, which is Jelly Bean if i’m not mistaken. So I’m sure with some work you can get yours to run a newer version. Just google it :p

  • Krissilow

    I can’t believe there is no upgrade for my original iPad. My phone got the upgrade and I immediately went to the iPad to do the upgrade and was appalled to find that it is not possible. Like others speaking their minds, I also am not swimming in dough. This iPad was something I had to save up for. $500.00 is a lot of money to me.
    So you ask, what do I think? I think apple sucks.
    I won’t be talking apple up anymore. I wouldn’t buy a newer version because the same thing will happen again.

  • Paul

    Me too… iPad first generation. I went straight to IOS6 update but that iTunes fool told me that it was up to date already…
    I have been using Mac since 1992… always aimed for the latest and the newest. I adored Mac and hated what was Windows etc…. Before I could almost use any old and new Mac software on any Mac… The last few years I stopped updating my hardware and wasting money on devices that pull out more money then ever before. No, I will not buy a new iPad for its OS…
    On top of this, I’ve experienced the MacosX before more stable on my (newest) Macs then 10.8.2…
    Romance is over; there are other options… 🙁

  • Doctor G

    The product still works the same way it did when purchased. It is still a good product and will be a good product. If this was an easy upgrade fix, it would have been done. You still have what you paid for and it still works!
    Spoiled brats just like to whine and complain, over nothing.
    ST-FU already puzzies.

  • darrin

    Maybe you have not watched as blueray players stop getting updates or how jellybean has dumped flash. Or have you went to a blackfriday sale and been sold a computer that does no met tespecs of the latest update. Sorry but everyday an android based device is sold that can’t be updated period withoutrooting it. So you either live under a rock or have no clue. People that buy apple products know they have a history of not supporting older products in the interest of not creating bloat ware. The original iPod will runeverything that still supports its oa just like my original iPod touch. The hardware on iO6 is simply not going to work for the features of iO6 updates. Plus it is almost three years old. Show me a three year old droid tab that can run jellybean. Show me a one year old anything that can run jellybean or even ice cream sandwich. The problem with companies is that they are to afraid to innovate. Thank god the car industry does not think like you. To Apple and Google, keep doing what you do, Microsoft feel free to leave behind the bloatware and join the new crowd.

    • Sam

      This is a dumb argument. The bottom line is that Apple intentionally puts in components that are already behind the times. They came out with the first ipad that intentionally did not have a camera, just like they did with the ipod touch. The next version they added the camera even though people were asking for it when the first one came out.

      This company does this intentionally with the idea of selling you more hardware. This is also the reason why the Blue Ray players dont keep up with the updates.

      The issue with Android is fragmentation and the fact there are Android devices that have much lower specifications that may not be able to run the latest version of Android.

      The example I would point out is Roku and Chumby. These devices continue to get updates. I have a Roku that is over 5 years old and it still is kept up to date.

      I also have a PC that is over 5 years old and runs Windows 7 and can run Windows 8.

  • Andy Vee

    I am a PC guy, have been since at least 1992. Never liked anything Apple, never bought anything Apple until I married, had two daughters and they started asking for iPods. So now we have a bunch of iPods (nano’s and touch’es), and my wife wanted an iPad, so we have a 3rd gen iPad (our 1st and only iPad so far, so you can see we waited a lot to buy an iPad).

    In the end, my wife does not use the iPad so much and I am the one using it most of the time (or the kids). My verdict: it is useful but I still hate it, I hate its closeness, I hate the way Apple tries to make us give them more and more money every time (which I do not!) and the more I use it the more I know that I will never like Apple. I like my PC’s, all built by myself where I have full control of everything, software and hardware.

    The more I read about Apple, the more I dislike them.

    • Sam

      Andy…this is the general consensus of those who know about technology…they usually come to the same conclusion. The reason of Apple’s popularity is by those who are not technologically inclined. For those people Apple seems like a lifeline because they feel they would have never gotten into the smartphone era.

      The truth is that the positive articles about apple are largely by people with vested interests (those owning stock in the company). There seems to be not much honest assessment of Apple and its products, you rarely see a criticism and if there is an article pointing out any flaws, the apple fans will jump in and make that flaw seem like a feature.

  • Len

    No worries. My iPad 1 is my most crash prone product. My droid phone is better and my Vista pc is the best by far of the three. MS’s history of support and backwards compatibility is much stronger than Apple’s – probably due to its overwhelming installed base of business users. When my iPad’s instability gets unworkable (getting there), I’ll be switching to a windows 8 based tablet. I’m sure the useful life will be longer and I will finally be sure I can follow a video link and actually play the video. since I don’t get emotionally invested in my devices, I can just go with what works best and longest.

  • Ripped off

    Apple must have so much $$$, genius in tech dev. Does Apple realize that American consumers cannot afford to spend $$500-800 plus every six mos. because THEY put a NEW better faster smaller ??? device out.

    Really! Too much control, my grand kids (ages 4 to 16) already believe money grows on trees and that APPS and PADS are the fruit!!

  • Ripped off

    See above

  • Russell

    Jeff Bezos, Amazon Kindle Press Conference, Sept. 6, 2012

    1:05:54 “We don’t need you to be on the upgrade treadmill….If we made our money when people bought the device, we’d be, rolling out programs left and right to try to get you to upgrade.”

    1:08:13 “If we were going to sell a tablet, for $499, the most popular price point. What would we put in it.”

    1:08:38 “What could we add? Well we could double the storage to 32gigs, but that’s not enough, you can’t charge $499 for that, not in good conscience.”

  • Amr Basuoni

    Dear wrongful Apple;
    When I bought original ipad I’ve do marketing it to those who have seen with me and decided more than 10 friends to buy ipad 2 or new ipad. Now you prevent me from support and offer them, How can I accept that?

  • Jay

    You have to feel for the folks who shelled out their hard-earned money. But I don’t expect the cocky Apple bosses to bat an eyelid.

  • pk de cville

    Get a grip, folks. Apple shipped a functional exciting iPad 2.5 years ago.

    The Android platform still cannot match Apple with only a few ‘made for tablet’ apps.

    Hey, anyone here ever hear about Android upgrade/fragmentation problems?

    Perhaps you might be able to list the 20 Android device models (out of billions SOLD!) that have actually supported a single OS upgrade.

    So comparing Apples to Androids (groan), Android’s fragmentation and lack of upgrade support issues puts it in a class by itself. Android wins again.

    • Kathy

      We expect more from Apple. That’s why we pay more.

      • Paxtor

        no thats where you Fail more 😀

    • Scott Pam

      While Android may have issues with upgrades as you mentioned, their tablets run about $299 and less.

      On the other hand, Apple got $935 for an iPad that was obsoleted two years after it was made.

      I will take the $200 Android tablet and not worry about upgrades. I won’t spend another $900+ for an iPad that is planned to be obsolete two years after it was made.

      I can buy a Kindle Fire, another decent tablet from any company and still put the balance int he bank to buy a new one in four years with the same money I spent on the original iPad.

      • Agree iOS updates etc…’s crap…I’ve so far managed to update and upgrade my original iPad for the last 5 years…finally though With the Iios7 it’s defunct at last….can’t get hardly any apps to work that are up to date ie:the uk national lottery soo fed up with this so called, constant updating digital that makes you spend world!!!!!

  • polly serial

    I have an original Ipad and the issue is even more severe than mentioned in this article: I can’t manage (or add) apps in any way using the most recent version of iTunes (which I had to download in order to sync my new phone…). I am a lifelong (I’m 42) user of Apple products and I am utterly fed up. Not a big fan of Android or Windows but as soon as another option emerges (and it will), I am on it.

  • polly serial

    (And needless to say I will not be buying (leasing @40$ a month?) a new ipad of any kind – ever. The Nexus looks fine and if Apple is going to be this greedy, this ‘different’, then they can forget it!)

  • John

    Come on folks who believes all that Apple marketing that their products last? Apple makes products that keep you wanting to upgrade frequently. Why do you think they make so much money? It not because you buy a Mac or a iPad and use it for years. I am typing this on my daughters original iPad and it’s slower then it was when it was new. I guess the IOS 5 must have slowed it down. Another reason to keep buying the next great thing.

  • Paul

    Our original iPad– 2.5 years+ — is still working– so well, in fact, that we’re thinking of returning an unopened iPad 4!! (A Black Friday nicely discounted unit.)

    Yes, we don’t have SIRI– although Vlingo or others give us a taste of that. The iPad 1 doesn’t have a camera, so photo streaming would be out in any case– plus, we’re not into instant broadcast!

    As long as the darn thing keeps running so well– great battery life, speedy, nice display, and the original magic still here–not much reason to change.

    We even managed to get printing working by putting Airprint Activator on our Mac and turning on printer sharing. And there’s no need for our Mac to be open.

    In any event, we knew eventually there’d be an OS that wouldn’t run on our iPad– same thing happens on the Mac, too–but so long as the machine keeps on ticking, no real problem. (As a point of reference, we’re still using an 8-year-old iBook!)

    So, we have no problem with Apple raising the bar, putting out new OSs, and having ours become longer in the tooth.

    The only thing that does gall me a bit is if an older product is perfectly capable of handling something (e.g., SIRI on iPad 2), but Apple blocks that. That’s been pretty rare, though, as people who installed iOS 5 on their 3GS found it running BETTER after putting a more modern OS onto a several year old device.

    Let’s keep things in perspective here, folks!

    Now, where did I put that unopened iPad 4 box? Oh, yeah right down there by the door, using it as a door stop until I return it! 🙂

  • Bugsie

    Pretty ridiculous of Apple to do this. Understandable to replace a phone every two years, but something meant as a pc replacement? My iPad1 is already acting up – since the last iOS upgrade, apps crash all the time, its become quite slow… got me thinking that my next phone upgrade will not be an apple product either, such a waste for a supposed environmentally friendly company.

    • Sams club ran a black sunday special on the samsung galaxy s3. It cost me $1.03 with tax and I went back for the $99.00 2 year warranty.

      The phone is way more advanced than the stale iphone interface and two days ago it got the jelly bean interface.

      Now I have a super fast phone on 4g that I can upgrade to 64gb by inserting a chip, and can replace the battery without doing microsurgery.

      The camera in the galaxy blows anything in an iphone away asit csn do 3 metering modes, go from iso100 to 800, and has many other options.

      If I wanted to get the same in an iphone, the cost would be over $500 with uograde pricing!

      Bye bye crApple!

  • Jonathan Osamuki

    I remember the first time I held the Original iPad in my hands. Right there and then is when it made sense this device. I had to get one, and I did. It’s been a wonderful run until iOS 6!

    I really understand that the device can’t keep up with the latest requirements of the software but I don’t understand how the iPhone 3GS can’t and the Original iPad can’t.

    Maybe that rationale is to keep 4 generations supported with each update? iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. iPad 2, 3, 4 and Mini? But I am looking at getting the iPad 3, refurbished. And the iPhone 5, jumping iPhone 4S.

  • In Dec. 2010 I got the origional iPad 64GB $829. In Feb, 2011 apple came out with iPad 2. I tried to exchange it but Apple refused to exchange the ipad2 for the origional because it was over 30 days. Now I find out that they are going to stop making upgrades for the original iPad. Well that just ticks me off!!! If people cant upgrade they’re old devices now, how can they expect to keep they’re customers loyal?

  • Thomas McDonagh

    That’s what I like about Wolverton; he writes it like it is.Also the comments by consumers indicate their lack of loyalty to a company when it becomes apparent to them it is selfish and greedy.

  • Bamelin

    Still using my iPad 1. It crashes all the time yet is still my preferred tablet.

  • Kay

    Majorly regretting buying an iPad. I have the original iPad, the week I bought it I was hearing stories about a new iPad coming out, the iPad 2 with a camera. I went to the nearest apple store and asked the manager if a new iPad was going to come out, if so I was just going to wait or the new one. The manager told me no, no new iPads were going to be released for at leat another year or two. So I bought the original. Two weeks later the new iPads hit the shelf. I was livid. And now that I’ve had this thing for about 3 years now I don’t even get to update it unless I spend another $500 or more? I will never own another apple product again.

  • Kevin

    I’ll echo these comments. No more Apple products for me. I was once pickpocketed on the subway in NYC. This feels about the same; like I’ve been duped. Never again Apple!

  • Andrew

    I bought the origina ipad brand new, and now it’s nothing more than a “f”ing paperweight!! Never again, will an apple product enter my home, and we have 5 kids. Looks like Android or someting better is what we need. Apple’s take on this issue proves it to every future consumer, don’t buy apple if you use your device as long as every normal person would. Which is more than 2 years………….COME ON!!

    • Vince

      I agree with you. I’ve always bought Apple except for one Dell when I had to have a Windows computer for a business project. The company’s moves towards vendor lock-in and forced upgrades has me upset, though. I don’t like the direction OS X is going, and I don’t trust them not to make (very expensive) iOS devices obsolete within a year. I’ll probably continue to buy iPhones (AT&T has enough clout to force at least a two- or three-year life cycle), but for tablets I’ll be moving to Kindle. For laptops, I’m not sure — probably some flavor of Linux.

      On the other hand, having an original iPad stranded on iOS 5 made it much easier to decide to jailbreak. There’s a whole world of useful software out there that Apple won’t let into the App Store. In an odd way, I’m kind of glad they pulled this boneheaded move.

      • Manny Cervantes

        Jailbreak? on our abandoned original iPad? I would sure like to know more. It would be nice to know there’s more apps for it other than through Apple store or iTunes.

        • Vince

          I used the RedSn0w jailbreak. It was very simple and worked like a dream. It will automatically install Cydia so you can start using their app store right away. Cydia does take some getting used to. Just keep in mind that it looks like an iPhone screen. Poke around to figure out how it works, and you’re good to go.

  • kris

    What sucks about this is that to troubleshoot an Ipad, the option outside of rebooting is s reinstall of software. If you have to factory reset or wipe your apps, once you reinstall your backup, you are unable to add apps you’ve already purchased because now they need to run on ios6. Big fucking waste of money.

  • My husband and I each own the 1st generation iPad! We had never owed an Apple product but quickly fell in love with our iPads! Last year when the new iOS 6.0 came out and wouldn’t download to our iPads we started having problems with apps now crashing, apps that don’t load properly and can’t be upgraded, and screens that freeze. We have lost all faith in Apple because they are not supporting these expensive products! Guess we will take our losses and run! No more Apple products for us!

  • Nick Lowe

    I wholeheartedly agree, this policy has me thinking twice about purchasing an ipad 2 since it likely will be obsolete by the time I can afford it. Now the proud owner of the original ipad in late 2013, (purchased used on Amazon) I see what all the fuss is about. However, i’m quite miffed I cannot download a “slimmed down” version of Netflix for the device and i’m considering dropping that service as well. Ha-rumph!

  • kristy

    this is crap utter bull crap. ive had my non apple home computer for well over 6 years and have the same programming on it and still works fab for what i need. Apple figures i have loads of cash to throw away on a new ipad. Im going android im done with apple products period as i can’t afford a new ipad every couple years. Left out in the cold….