Apple’s Jony Ive designs no-doubt nifty Leica

So Apple’s Jony Ive, the Cadillac of consumer electronics designers, is creating a super-special Leica, the Cadillac of cameras, according to website PetaPixel. Let’s just stipulate that it’s going to be swell.

And thanks to the New York Times’  Nick Bilton for steering me to it, with a humorous tweet, no less:

I’m starting to save up now. Since my days in college selling cameras, I’ve loved the Leica. It was Apple before Apple was Apple — design that flirted with art. Staring into a Leica lens was nearly hypnotic. Or maybe I was just bored with my lowly retail position.

Anyway when it comes to the Jony Ive Leica, forget about that old standard “If you’ve got to ask, you can’t afford it.” You don’t even have to ask. Leica is making exactly one of the cameras. One.

It’s going to cost a lot.

But luckily this exercise isn’t simply some huge ego trip for Ive or Leica or for whomever finally buys the thing at auction. It turns out, according to PetaPixel, the proceeds from the highest bidder will go to charity.

Not sure which one yet.

So, say cheese.



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