Video: Elon Musk Tells Fox Business That “Tsunami of Hurt Coming for Those Shorting Tesla”

Elon Musk of Tesla, never one to pull punches, really let loose on this interview that Fox Business just posted. The interview takes play at HP Labs, and is part of anchor Liz Claman’s annual sojourn to Silicon Valley.

Musk talks both Tesla and Space X. Here are some excerpts as passed along by Fox Business:

SpaceX Founder & CEO and Tesla Co-Founder & CEO Elon Musk spoke with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman about his future plans for both companies. Musk stated that SpaceX is hoping to “do our first flight with astronauts in about three years” and “a Mars mission with people in 12 to 15 years.” Regarding growth at Tesla, Musk stated “in the last 6-8 months we have hired 1,000 people” and that the company will “probably double” their production average of 40 cars per week.

Excerpts are below, courtesy Fox Busines:

On when SpaceX will send their first round of astronauts to space in the Dragon Capsule:

“I think we will probably do our first flight with astronauts in about 3 years.”

On his predictions for a Mars mission:

“Mars mission with people in 12 to 15 years that’s our aspiration.”

On increasing production at Tesla’s Model S Plant beyond their average of 40 cars per week:

“We’re going to do more this week. Probably double that…80 cars this week.”

On if they are hiring:

“We are, absolutely. In fact, Tesla employs over 3,000 people. In the last six to eight months we have hired 1,000 people.”

On whether the presidential election will impact Tesla:

“No I don’t think it would make much difference actually. Obviously, President Obama is much more supportive of sustainable energy and electric cars and that kind of thing, but it’s worth noting that the Department of Energy program, Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program, which is what Tesla won the award for, was signed into law by President Bush and at this point we’ve fully drawn down the loan so I don’t know what Romney would do if he really hated us, which I don’t think he really hates us. I think he is a little too fond of oil.”

On Tesla’s stock being a “huge short position”:

“It’s doing pretty well actually given that we’re such a huge short position. In fact I think the short position may be as high as one can actually go. They literally hit the ceiling on the short position. The shorts are in it to the hills. I think it is very unwise to be shorting Tesla, it’s very unwise. There is a tsunami of hurt coming for the short.

Here is the segment:


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  • Jim McDade

    Elon Musk sounds just like Robert Preston’s character in MUSIC MAN. He is a smoke and mirrors man who uses taxpayer guaranteed loans and taxpayer funded contracts to create what amounts to an illusion of innovation and efficiency with his Tesla and Space X projects, projects that aren’t sustainable when scaled-up to production levels that they need to reach in order to become honest players in the market for their products (autos and rockets). How is he getting away with this scam? Take a look at his political campaign giving and his other activities to find the answer to that question. There’s nothing really illegal there that you could call a bribe (technically, anyway), but one doesn’t have to necessarily break the law to purchase influence in our political system.

    • Tombomb

      In respone to jim McDade’s comment “projects that aren’t susaintable when scaled-up to production levels that they need to reach in order to become honest player’s in the market for their product” ahahahahah how do you know that these projects aren’t susaintable when scaled-up to production levels when they are yet to be scaled up to production levels? Have you time travel or something or maybe the rest of america should just take your word for it. Also this comment is just stupid “take a look at his political campaign giving and his other activities to find the answer to that question. So honest competitor’s to spacex like atk beoing and lockhead don’t give political contributions! ahahahahah and honest competitor’s to tesla like GM Ford and Chrysler don’t hand out political contributions either. Come back when you learn a think or two about modern American politics don’t get me wrong I think political contribution’s are unjust but to get anything done in America now a day’s you have to do what the rest are doing to get an equal footing. American politics is in a complete mess and you can now buy the nearly everyone in congress.

      • Tony

        Great come back. adding a few more points: in addition to adding jobs to USA when it needs them so badly while all the other major manufacturers turn overseas to China and Russia…building innovation and bringing the country’s reputation back to competition’s level…making one of the best vehicles on the road (I don’t mean EV only)….come on mate! You have to be proud we have such a forward thinker in our time among all those selfish wealthy bastards that live today!

    • Joe

      My guess is that Jim McDade hasn’t built the first private company that has docked with the international space station or one of the best reviewed cars (electric or otherwise). That is quite the smoke and mirrors act. You can question whether Elon Musk wil succeed given the hurdles ahead but if you are going to criticize someone, at least make intelligent comments, and give the man credit for taking risks to change the world. He put up all of his money ($200 million) to reach his goals. Until Jim has the same track record, he may be wise to keep his opinions to himself.

  • mickrussom

    This guy is a fraud. The fact the great Nikola Tesla’s name is associated with this maker of the cheapest most fire prone lithium batteries is a crime.