The iPad takes flight in Asia — literally

TAIPEI, Taiwan — EVA Airways gets an iShoutout from Apple in a new video posted on Apple’s Web site. The video features the airline — with daily flights to San Francisco International Airport from Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport — that is deploying the iPad on board for its flight crew.

An Apple media team visited the airline’s Taiwan headquarters earlier this year to film its crew in action. EVA Air is equipping each of its  flight attendants with an iPad with custom-made apps that provide them with real-time data. The apps provide information such as weather updates, flight records, airport bulletins and information about passengers.

“The airline industry is all about speed,” EVA Airways President Chang Kuo-Wei, who is also a pilot, says in the video. “Every procedure we do, from reservations to check-ins to flights, requires the most advanced technology. Using new technology like iPad allows us to transport our customers to every corner of the world in the fastest, safest, and most comfortable way.”

EVA Air says deploying iPads in its cockpits and cabins has reduced hundreds of pages of documents its employees had to lug around.

“Before iPad, I always had to come to work an hour and a half early to check the weather, aircraft maintenance status, fuel levels, and all kinds of other information,” says Captain Liang Hsueh-Hsien, EVA’s Safety Supervisor and A330 Instructor Pilot. “Plus I had to bring a laptop, flight plans, flight bulletins and so on. All of this was in my flight bag.”

EVA Air isn’t the only airline arming its staff with iPads. Tokyo-based ANA announced last month it was going to give iPads to its 2,500 flight crew, in addition to its cabin crew, which is already using the tablets. All of its personnel aloft will have iPads by February. The airline, which flies daily to San Francisco International Airport and will start a Tokyo-San Jose route in January on Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner, said the iPads makes their employees more efficient.


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  • nathan

    800 pilots and 200 cabin crew ?
    Must be a typo in the article or maybe the other way round