Rare Elon Musk Tweet About Tesla Supercharger Event…and Alien Spaceships!

Fans of Tesla Motors know that Elon Musk is worth following on Twitter. He doesn’t tweet *that* much, but when he does, he tends to let slip bits of news about his various companies.

On Thursday evening, Musk tweeted this to his more than 87,000 followers:

Tesla says that Superchargers are not for home charging or every day use, but for refueling on road trips. They will be capable of providing about 150 miles of range to the Model S in half an hour.

The company hasn’t said how many will be installed, or where. But major corridors, like I-5 between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, is a good bet.

All Model S vehicles equipped with the 85 kWh battery can use Superchargers,  as can properly equipped 60 kWh battery vehicles.
Now if only Elon could update us on how many Model S vehicles have actually been produced!

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  • g.r.r.

    Tesla just geared up to produce 80 model S’ per week.
    They spent last month doing 40 per week.

    Around mid oct, they are looking to double that again, assuming that they can hire and train in time.