Mark Zuckerberg quotes from TechCruch Disrupt Appearance

The highly-anticipated appearance of Facebook co-founder at TechCrunch Disrupt turned out to mostly live up to the hype. Aside from talking at the speed of sound, Zuckberge took on Michael Arrington’s questions head on (mostly). Here’s a sample of his responses:

On the stock price performance:

“The performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing. And we care about shareholders. We’ve made a committment to them.”

On mobile:

“Over the next three to five years, the biggest question that’s on everyone’s mind, and that’s really going to determine how we do, is really going to be how well we do with mobile.”

How far Facebook has come on mobile in the last six months:

“Literally, six months, ago, we didn’t run a single ad on mobile. I think it’s easy for folks out there, without us out there talking for the last six months, to not realize how fundamentally good it is for us on mobile.”

“There are more users using Facebook on mobile. They’re spending more time and there’s more engagement per person. We think we’re going to make a lot more money person on mobile than we do on the Web.

“We already see that mobile users are more likely to be daily active users. They are more likely to use Facebook six or seven days each week. And that was before we launched the new app.”

On whether the stock price is affecting morale, recruitment and retention:

” It doesn’t help. First, Facebook has not been an uncontroversial company in the past. It’s not like this is the first up and down we’ve had. The folks at Facebook are used to the press saying good things about us and saying bad things about us. We have a good compass.”

“What really motivates people at Facebook is building stuff they are proud of. And that drives recruiting. People come to the company because they see what we’re building.

“I think it’s a great time for people to join. And I think it’s a great time to double down.”

On whether mobile is a strength or weakness:

“I’m really optimistic. It’s more like TV than the Web. The ads we run on mobile perform better than the right-hand ads do on the site.”

On the company’s biggest mistake:

“I think the biggest mistake we made was betting too much on HTML 5 rather than native. It’s just not there.”

“We burnt 2 years. It is really painful. We’ look back on that and see that one of the biggest strategic mistakes we made.”

On Instagram:

“They’re great. They’re this super-talented group of engineers who are building this great product. They had a great open-graph integration. And now they’ll be able to go even deeper because they’ll have access to the code.”

On rumored Facebook phone:

There’s not one.

On search:

“We do a billion queries a day. And we’re not even trying. Today, the vast majority of it is people trying to find people. And then some are trying to find brands and pages. I think there is a big opportunity there. And we just need to go do it.”

“I think search engines are evolving toward giving you answers. And when you think of it from that position, Facebook is uniquely position to answer a lot of questions people have.”

“We have a team working on search. At some point, we’ll go do it. That would be one of the obvious things for us to do in the future if we got to a state where we were excited about it.”

On Zynga:

“Zynga has had a rough few quarters. But I think they are a fundamentally sound company. But they’ve lost some share on our platform.”

On whether it’s still fun:

“Yeah. But for me it’s not about fun. It’ s bout mission. We go through these waves. I would rather be in this cycle where people underestimate us. It give us more latitude to go out and take some big bets and do some things that amaze people.

Looking back in 10 to 20 years, the legacy of this company should be that we connected everyone in the world. And they could share everything they wanted.”



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