Tesla Founder Elon Musk Talks to Google Venture’s Kevin Rose

Just finished watching the latest episode of Revision3’s Foundation series. Most of Musk’s tale is well known: co-founder of PayPal; co-founder of Tesla; co-founder of Space X. Still, it’s an interesting conversation.

I’ll confess, at times I was trying to look over their shoulders to try to see what was going on in the background of the Tesla Factory. But Musk does have some good stories to tell. Like about 12 minutes in, when he talks about General Motors and its earlier attempt at an electric car, the EV1.

Not only did GM kill the car, says Musk, but it forced owners who had leased them to return and then crushed them. “It was a really shortsighted action,” Musk says.


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  • Errol Musk

    Elon Musk founded Spacex. He did not co-found it.

    • Mark

      He co-founded it with two other persons… one of them is a rocket engineer now a VP.