Leaked photos show startling details of Apple spaceship campus

A slew of leaked images of the new Apple campus have emerged over the past day. It appears 9to5Mac.com obtained the most comprehensive set. But several other blogs, including VentureBeat, and AppleInsider, appears to have some exclusive images.

The latest images show some extraordinary design features of the inside of Apple’s Spaceship campus. Of course, they’re artist renderings and blueprints, and so could see changes along the way.

Still, it’s further confirmation that this building is on a path to become one of Silicon Valley’s signature architectural monuments. Granted, the bar is rather low around here. But one can imagine that Steve Jobs is watching on from somewhere with great pride over what he set in motion.


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  • Bekaar Ho

    Last time Apple built a new campus (circa 1993), its stock tanked. Many silicon valley companies have met this fate.