Tom Steyer pumps $21.9 million into Prop 39 to generate clean tech funds

It was a big week for Tom Steyer. First, the Co-Senior Managing Partner of Farallon Capital Management got to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

It was a rousing speech, designed to bolster Pres. Obama’s clean tech credentials:

“Now, I say all this not as the head of Greenpeace or the Sierra Club. I say it as the head of an investment firm that has spent the last quarter-century crunching the numbers and making the tough calls. President Obama knows that advanced energy is America’s future. And my bet, as a business man, is that he’s exactly right.”

Watch his convention speech here:

Two years ago, Steyer spent millions fighting Prop. 23, the oil-industry backed prop aimed at overturning California’s environmental legislation. The prop went down in flames.

Now, Steyer is back in action. According to MapLight, Steyer has spent $21.9 million to back Prop 39. While complex, Prop 39 seeks to change the way corporations calculate their taxes, and in the process, generate an extra $1 billion in tax revenue.

According to MapLight, Prop 39:

“Dedicates $550 million annually for five years from anticipated increase in revenue for the purpose of funding projects that create energy efficiency and clean energy jobs in California.

Here’s Steyer being interviewed on Current TV by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome: