Google goes where no doodle has gone before

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should beam on over to Google this morning and check out today’s “doodle.”

In honor of the 46th anniversary of “Star Trek,” Google has changed its logo to one patterned after the bridge of the original Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701). The letters spelling out Google are costumed like Spock, Captain Kirk and Uhura.

Be sure to mouse over the graphic and turn up the volume on your computer; you’ll find lots of clickable features and the sounds of “Star Trek.” In fact, the doodle has got to be one of the most complex that Google has ever posted on its Web site. If you click in the right areas, you can even send Kirk on an away mission to fight a reptile-shaped alien.

It’s awesome!

Google, it should be noted, has a long history of creating fun and funky doodles for its home page. Earlier this year, it created a whole series of Olympic-themed ones.


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