Fortune: Apple one of world’s fastest growing companies

Fortune just released its annual list of fastest growing companies. What immediately struck me is that Apple landed at no. 8 on that list.

That is simply extraordinary.

It’s not like we all don’t know that Apple has been going gangbusters these past few years. Seems like every day you turn around, it’s setting a new high on its stock price and market cap. But those numbers can also be driven by hype, emotion and momentum.

For Apple, more than 30 years after its founding, to have become one of the world’s fastest growing companies is just mind boggling.

According to Fortune, Apple posted the following 3-year averages:

  • Revenue Growth: 52%
  • Profit Growth: 70%
  • Total Return: 60%


“Since Jobs passed away last year, Apple’s share price has risen almost 80%. In August, the iPhone maker overtook Microsoft as the largest-ever U.S. company by stock-market value.”

And with a big announcement set for Sept. 12, with the iPhone 5 possible, it’s hard to see why that rate will diminish any time soon.

Also of note, Fortune lists the seven fastest growing tech companies. Cirrus Logic ranks first, followed by Baidu. Apple comes in third on this list.



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