Quoted: Tim Berners-Lee on new Web Index

“Is it really functioning and helping humanity? Is the Web serving the world?”

Tim Berners-Lee, who’s known as one of the creators of the Web, on the launch of the Web Index. According to Wired, the new global ranking system, which measures the Web’s social, political and economic impact on 61 countries, got initial funding from Google. The index, which plans to publish annually, is seeking additional funding to keep it going, according to its website. “By shining a light on the barriers to web for everyone, the index is a powerful tool that will empower individuals, government and organizations to improve their societies,” Berners-Lee said, according to the BBC. Sweden and the United States ranked Nos. 1 and 2; the bottom two countries were Zimbabwe and Yemen.


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  • Someone tell Tim that the U.S. government is so huge now that everyone has a federal agent in their neighborhood now. People say “I don’t care if the government monitors me”, thinking that the government is far away somewhere. No, it’s not. Trolls on the Internet are so ubiquitous now that freedom of information is squashed quite effectively, right in the open. So you can have your free exchange of chit-chat and on-line purchases, and anything more serious is going to be very carefully monitored, and squashed if necessary. The techniques are amazing. And it’s not that these techniques haven’t always existed, it’s just that the number of government employees, contractors and cutouts are huge in number now.

  • Bazza

    Always amuses me when somebody accuses any government of being so well organised they can run a police state. I’ve worked with and for various governments, the average one is flat-out organising a car-boot sale.