Quoted: on Kickstarter and refunds

“I don’t think that we would. But certainly, the kind of thing you’re talking about is not a bridge that has been crossed yet. Someday it will.”

Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter founder, on whether the site would get involved and help facilitate refunds if a funded project were unable to deliver a promised product. NPR posed the question as Kickstarter, which started as a way for artists to get their projects funded, has increasingly begun to attract entrepreneurs seeking help to get products off the ground. The release of one of Kickstarter’s biggest stories, the Pebble smartwatch (see Quoted: on how Pebble smartwatch has Kickstarted a platform), has been delayed. That’s partly because Pebble had 85,000 orders for the watches as opposed to the 1,000 watches the company was expecting to make, according to PCMag. A separate PCMag article recently examined whether Kickstarter projects deliver. The verdict: Most of the 312 projects studied have delivered, but the “mega-projects” that have received more than $500,000 are new and have so far had a 20 percent success rate.


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