Quoted: Reed Hastings on HBO vs. Netflix — in Scandinavia

“Excited to see HBO join us in offering standalone streaming service in Scandinavia… what about the USA? We thought the first match-up would be in Albania.”

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, reacts in a Facebook post Thursday to HBO’s announcement that it will launch in October a streaming service called HBO Nordic, no pay-TV subscription required. The announcement follows a similar one by Netflix earlier this month, which has said it will offer streaming movies and TV shows in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland by the end of the year — so it looks like HBO will beat Netflix to the market. Lest U.S.-based cord-cutters get any ideas, though, an HBO spokesman told Variety, “Each market is unique.” Variety says Time Warner-owned HBO’s other standalone offering is in Poland. Netflix offers streaming in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the U.K. and Ireland.


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