People are fuzzy on the cloud

Cloud computing may be one of the tech-world’s fastest-growing trends, but most people haven’t a clue what it is, according to a new survey.

Conducted in August with 1006 U.S. adults by Citrix, the survey found most of those queried had no idea that cloud computing is a way to store and share  data across Internet-connected PCs or other gadgets.

“A majority responded it’s either an actual cloud (specifically a “fluffy white thing”), the sky or something related to the weather (29 percent),” the survey found. Fully 51 percent of them expressed the belief that “stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing.”

Others thought the cloud referred to toilet paper, smoke, drugs and even heaven.

Although the public increasingly uses Internet-based data for a wide variety of purposes, concluded Citrix vice president Kim DeCarlis, “there is still a wide gap between the perceptions and realities of cloud computing.”




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  • ArizonaCentral

    Used to be called a WebSite in early 90’s, late 90’s Called a WebApplication, Early 2000’s called an ASP, now all that is called a CLOUD Solution. Any thing that you subscribe to that provides the same functionality an inhouse server based solution can. ie. a Filing cabinet with your insurance records in it has a cloud solution called

  • brian

    I’m sorry but this is complete nonsense. The fact that data can be shared across devices is a software implementation of some offering, and that software can exist on 1 or more than 1 server “in the cloud.” The “cloud” is a marketing term and really only means “the internet.” Period.