EdSurge surges ahead with new funding

Old journalists never die, they just reinvent themselves. Not to call Betsy Corcoran old, but she’s been around Silicon Valley long enough to know that sometimes, you get tired of writing about hot startups and want to give it a try yourself.

So labetsy corcoranst year, the veteran Forbes and Washington Post reporter went rogue, launching an education e-newsletter called EdSurge. The Burlingame company’s website includes reviews of education technology products and commentary on classroom tech. Now Corcoran and EdSurge have landed their first venture funding, a $400,000 round from the Washington Post Company, the NewSchools Venture Fund and Silicon Valley legend Judy Estrin, among other angel investors.

Corcoran’s old boss, Washington Post Chairman Don Graham, said in a press release that he’s backing EdSurge because “great journalism has a big role to play in spurring companies to build the best products.” Graham, of course, knows a thing or two about valley startups, having been one of the first outside investors in Facebook.

Corcoran, it’s worth noting, is the spouse of another longtime valley scribe, George Anders. UPDATE: George emails me to say he’s “thrilled” about the funding: “These guys started out as rent-free squatters in my office. Now they’re paying their way.”





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