Cisco survey: Video calling systems should work together

With the election near, what better time than to offer up a survey of likely voters on a topic one  Silicon Valley company considers vital – video calling.

Conducted on behalf of Cisco Systems, the survey released Tuesday of 1008 Democrats and Republicans found that 87 percent  want companies to adopt  standards that let different video-calling technologies work together. Currently, callers on some systems  – such as Skype – can’t talk to those on other systems.

“Consumers and business users alike today are demanding that video communications solutions work together and that making a video call be as seamless and easy as making a phone call,” said Marthin De Beer, a senior Cisco vice president in a company press release. “This is about freedom of choice.”

It’s also about money. Cisco makes video-communication products and stands to boost its sales if more people are encouraged to make video calls.






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