Evernote CEO Phil Libin goal: 1 billion users

I dropped by the Evernote Trunk Conference at the San Francisco Design Center on Friday. The morning kicked off with a keynote by CEO Phil Libin.

Evernote is interesting because it certainly wasn’t the fastest startup out of the gate when in released its document sharing service in 2008. But as Libin spoke Friday morning, it’s clear the company seems to be accelerating in the past year.

Earlier this year, Evernote bagged $70 million in venture capital. Even more impressive, according to TechCrunch:

“Evernote doesn’t need the money. It still has much of the $96 million that it’s raised to date in the bank plus over one million paying customers out of its 25 million+ users.”

Forget that 25 million. Libin on Friday said the company now has 38 million users, up from 12 million one year ago. It’s up from 85 employees to 230 employees. It has a new Silicon Valley office. And the number of developers writing apps for its platforms has grown from 5,000 to 15,000.

“Basically, everything has tripled in the past year,” Libin said. “And we expect it to triple again in the next year.”

Libin said the success has come through designing products for the average user, rather than geeks. Evernote uses the fremium model, charging for some services but no relying on ads. And he hopes by continue to use that philosophy, they’ll continue to help people make their lives easier.

“We want to be the Zynga of being productive,” he said.

Over the day, the company will be announcing all sorts of new products and features. But the goal remains ambitious.

“We want to reach 1 billion users,” Libin said. “We think we can make 1 billion people’s lives better.”


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