Best thing you’ll see today: Evernote Moleskine Notebook

While dropping into the Evernote Trunk Conference today, I heard CEO Phil Libin make what sounded like a rather odd comment. He said Evernote’s cheap competitor was…paper. Ok. And then he said the company was declaring a truce.


But then he announced something that I really loved, even if never turns out to be a monster product: An Evernote Moleskine Notebook. Moleskine has a cult following for its wonderfully designed notebooks and journals. And in this case, they worked with Evernote to create a specially designed notebook that works specifically with Evernote’s iOS apps.

Here’s how it works.

The pages of the notebook has special paper printed with dots that can be read by the scanner contained within the app. Write on a the page, ¬†and then use special stickers to “tag” the physical page with different icons. Like so:


Take a picture with the Evernote app. The scanner then reads the dots and the stickers to turn the writing into text, and to place it in the right folder according to the sticker tags:

The notebooks won’t be available until October. The large one, shown above, will cost $29.95. A pocket-sized one will cost $24.95. But attendees of the conference got to take one home and I can’t wait to play with mine this weekend.


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