Google Fiber project spawns “hacker homes” in Kansas City

Count me among those who are extremely excited to see how the Google Fiber project develops in Kansas City. It’s where I grew up, after all. And when I visited earlier this summer, there was a real sense that Google Fiber could be transformative for the whole region.

And that was before Google announced the details of pricing and availability. Which they finally did in July.

There are plenty of signs that since then, the region is embracing Google Fiber in a big way. But one of my favorite so far has to be the initiative to create Kansas City Hacker Homes. From the Website:

“Our Mission: To further the business community in Kansas City by offering 3 months of rent-free, Google Fiber-connected startup space to entrepreneurs, provided by volunteer KC homeowners.”

Essentially, the idea is to attract entrepreneurs to the area to develop on the 1 GB network by hooking the up with residents willing to them set up shop in their homes:

“Our goal is to “match-make” you with a potential homeowner where you can stay for free for 3 months while building your kick ass startup on Google Fiber!”

There is no cost involved. The site was created by Ben Barreth (816-332-9770 @bogrollben). And it answers important questions like, “Why move to Kansas City?” Answer: “Good, hard-working, laid-back, good-humored Midwesterners.”

I would add: It’s damn cheap to live there.

In any case, these are going to be interesting times for Kansas City. I expect this is just one of many creative ideas we’ll be seeing in the months to come out of KC.


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