SpyFi redux: Google still has some Street View data

Speaking of Google, it also gets in trouble all by itself, no “shadow army” of opponents needed. Case in point: Google has reportedly admitted that it did not delete all data collected by its Street View vehicles in 2010, as promised. Now Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office is saying Google’s failure to delete is “cause for concern.”

For those keeping track at home, Google has claimed the collection of people’s personal data from unsecured wireless networks was inadvertent. However, an FCC report released in April casts doubt on that, for a Google engineer has said he told his supervisor and other colleagues about it. But the New York Times has reported that sworn statements from nine Googlers say they were not aware of the data collection. In June, the Guardian reported that the U.K. data watchdog was looking into whether Google tried to cover up the data collection. Now comes this disclosure that the data has not been deleted. The company says it is prepared to delete the data, according to the Telegraph, but is waiting for instructions from the ICO on “how to proceed.”


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