Quoted: Lenovo CEO shares the wealth

“I was informed by an email that I got a ‘Yuanqing special reward’ of nearly 2,000 yuan (US$317).”

— Lenovo call center operator Zhang Jing, telling China.org.cn about the surprise bonus she received after Yang Yuanqing, CEO of the Chinese tech giant, split his $3 million bonus among 10,000 lower-level employees. Based on a report by the Fair Labor Association, that 2,000 yuan is roughly a month’s salary for many of those employees. A nice gesture, to be sure, but one that Yang and Lenovo could certainly afford: Yang earned $14 million last year, according to CNN, and Lenovo reported a 73 percent jump in net profit last year. Lenovo is the world’s fastest-growing computer maker, and the second-largest, challenging Hewlett-Packard‘s grip on the top spot.


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  • Tim

    Sharing a bonus with coworkers, bloody communist!

  • Bryan

    The Overlords love me. The Overlords are good. I love the Overlords. I would die for the Overlords. Long live the Overlords!

  • sd

    It’s a bigger bonus than _I_ ever got from my old company’s $14 million dollar CEO…