What I Said About Marissa Mayer Last Year

In a column I wrote about the most powerful women in Silicon Valley that ran in January 2011, I ranked Marissa Mayer as No. 5 on the list and said:

“5. Marissa Mayer, 35, vice president of geographic and local services, Google: She was one of the first 20 employees at Google and is one of its highest-profile executives aside from the founders and CEO Eric Schmidt. And she has long been seen as the guardian of the search experience and the gatekeeper for new Google products.

This year, she got a new title that demonstrated the company’s commitment to local advertising. If Mayer can build this into a substantial new business for Google, she’s going to be getting a lot of headhunters calling about CEO openings — and if it’s a job in Silicon Valley she’ll rocket up this list.”


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