Is Google Fiber Planning To Expand Beyond Kansas City?

Sometime in the next few weeks, Google plans to make a long-awaited announcement revealing prices, availability and plans for its 1-Gigabit experimental network in Kansas City. But until now, the company has said it’s mainly building the network to demonstrate it can be done, and to encourage other carriers or governments to invest in the same broadband speed.

But today, in an email to clients from Dow Drukker, senior vice president of CapStone Investments, comes this intriguing bit of information:

“Initial Indications Google Fiber Is Likely Expanding Beyond Kansas City.
We saw an ad for an Inside Sales position in Mountain View, CA for
selling Google Fiber to small businesses. The ad said the position would
be tasked to build a team to sell a national broadband network
indicating Google likely plans to build a fiber-optic network in
additional cities.”

The job listing appears to be this one.

Is Google hatching plans to take its network across the nation?

A lot of what happens next will likely depend on the success of Google Fiber in Kansas City. But if Google were to try to expand it into a national network, and become a full-fledged carrier, the implications for both Google’s business and the telecom industry would be huge.

For the latest on the Google Fiber project, see my column from earlier this month here. I visited the Kansas City area a few weeks ago, my hometown area, and found a lot of folks nervous and excited about the debut.




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