The A’s have it: Apple (iTunes), Amazon (game apps) reportedly getting more social

Now we quickly point to two reportedly upcoming developments from the Big A’s, Apple and Amazon:

• Apple is preparing to overhaul iTunes, reports Bloomberg, to accommodate not only iCloud but also better sharing. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple chooses to do with social sharing on iTunes, Apple’s storefront for music, videos, apps and books. As AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski reported earlier this month, the Ping social feature in iTunes is going away, something Apple CEO Tim Cook seemed to allude to at Apple’s developers conference recently. Will whatever Apple decides to introduce in its place take into account the growing uneasiness with “frictionless sharing”?

• Meanwhile, as it races to compete with the Apple and Google ecosystem, will make it easier for developers to integrate social into the games they make for the Kindle Fire tablet, also according to Bloomberg. The report also says that while Amazon’s number of apps lags behind both Apple’s and Android’s, the Seattle company makes more revenue per user than Google does from its store.


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  • Bryan

    An iTunes overhaul is a consummation devoutly to be wished. As it stands, it’s far more Walmart than Zen… “bloatware” comes to mind.

    At some levels Apple’s ecosystem has begun to resemble an oft-renovated hospital… a maze of twisting corridors punctuated by dozens of elevator shafts, many of them redundant, some of them almost completely unused.

    OS X in particular is tending toward Byzantine. New functions are added with insufficient attention to existing elegance. Small bugs crop up everywhere and are never addressed.

    Please, Apple… Skip an iPhone release and correct the travesty which occurs when zooming Finder windows in list view. There’s enough money. Show some integrity, and some respect for your own products.

  • dermbuilder

    If by iTunes they are referring to the software that you install on your Mac or PC to enable it to play music and buy it from the Apple store, then I agree, it is long overdue for a real improvement. In particular it needs a major revamp of the UI so that the users have more control over it. All I have ever seen to this point is changes that are not even detectable by the average user.