Are Apple App Developers Trying To Organize A Union?

A tipster just passed along a link to this Web site: App Developer The site appears to be signalling some grievances by some Apple app developers. And they’ve set up a Twitter account as well, asking people to: “Please follow us on Twitter and use #AppDevUnion during #WWDC.”

It’s unclear who is behind the site, or whether it’s legitimate. The registration information for the domain at WhoIs is listed as private.

The spare site lists three grievances:

1. Put a stop to the cloning of apps: developers give sweat & tears to creating them and it’s not fair, or good for the ecosystem, when cloned apps become promoted apps.

2. Resolve the Lodsys patent issue by one or more of the following:

  • Show the developer community your license to the Lodsys patent so developers can make a fully informed decision about whether to take a license or to rely on Apple’s
  • Indemnify app developers against Lodsys (and others) on your platform
  • Pay for the developers’ patent license(s) out of your cut

3. Get to something more equitable than that 30% share you are taking from app sales; the more money app developers make, the better off the ecosystem!

The site also includes two videos:

Anyone have any details on this? Is this legit?


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