Quoted: on New Jersey mayor’s takedown of recall website

“Remember, I am in the Army with many friends.”

Felix Roque, mayor of West New York, N.J., in an email to a resident of the small town who had contributed information to an anonymous website advocating that Roque be recalled. Roque, 55, and son Joseph, 22, were arrested Thursday, charged with unauthorized access to computers. A co-conspirator identified only as a West New York public official was not charged. The younger Roque allegedly took down the recall website just a couple of days after it was created in February — after searching on Google for “hacking a Go Daddy site” and “html hacking tutorial” — as well as gained access to email and Facebook accounts of those involved with the site. According to the criminal complaint (PDF), the mayor then proceeded to try to intimidate the creators of recallroque.com, at one point telling one: “A friend of mine, he works in the — I can’t tell you — three letters: C.I.A. You know, that’s how I get information.” The Roques face up to 11 years in prison and $600,000 in fines. They were released on $100,000 bond each, according to the New York Times.


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