Quoted: Wiretapping the Web

“A growing gap exists between the statutory authority of law enforcement to intercept electronic communications pursuant to court order and our practical ability to intercept those communications.”

— An FBI representative, in a statement to CNet, explaining the reasons law enforcement is seeking “backdoors” to Internet communications networks in order to ease wiretapping. According to a CNet report, online communications — such as instant messaging, social networks, web-based email and VoIP — are evolving so rapidly that the FBI is concerned it is losing the ability to conduct effective surveillance on suspects. The agency is reportedly asking major Silicon Valley companies, including Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook, not to oppose a proposed law that would require Internet companies to build backdoors into their systems, to more easily allow for online wiretaps. Alarms are already being raised by the tech community and privacy advocates, who fear a more slippery slope to wider government surveillance.


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  • Why the @(;$: can’t the FBI just borrow that data from NSA? Hello FBI!! 9/11? Sharing intel data?

  • Don Lindsay

    There’s also the small problem that backdoors can be hacked. They have to be secured, and we all know how well that works.