A day-after Nook report

The day after Barnes & Noble shares skyrocketed more than 50 percent on news of Microsoft’s investment in Nook, there’s some selling off going on, with the bookseller’s shares off more than 4 percent to about $19.90 as of this post. But the consensus seems to be that Microsoft is throwing B&N a lifeline — sort of like the one it gave Apple in 1997 — that will help the Nook e-reader and tablet better compete with Amazon.com’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad. And, some say, Microsoft is brilliantly buying its way into the tablet and content market in the process. But some point out that Microsoft’s recent partnerships with other companies such as Yahoo and Nokia have so far been profitless ventures. Like yesterday, Microsoft shares are just slightly higher today, up less than 0.5 percent to about $32.15 as of this post.


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