Quoted: on how Pebble smartwatch has Kickstarted a platform

“When this many people get a product on day 1, that’s a huge market for apps. That’s boosted us into a position of a viable app platform.”

Eric Migicovsky, whose Pebble smartwatch works with iPhone and Android. Last week, Pebble — a Y Combinator graduate that had trouble raising funds afterward — collected more than $2 million in orders after a few days on Kickstarter. Now that has ticked up to $5 million (as of this post), breaking records recently reached by other projects on the crowd-funding site. GigaOm’s Ryan Kim writes that Pebble could be a boon for other developers. “I didn’t realize this would happen but it’s totally obvious to me now that Kickstarter is great for building a community. The backers will now form the community that builds the apps or requests apps to be built,” Migicovsky said. By the way, Pebble, which moved to Mountain View from Toronto, is being held up as an example as to why Canada should adopt something similar to the United States’ JOBS Act, according to the Financial Post. The JOBS Act, signed by President Obama earlier this month, aims to boost entrepreneurship by relaxing rules related to raising capital. It has plenty of support from the Silicon Valley tech community but has been criticized as unnecessary and potentially dangerous for investors.


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