Off topic: The 47 dwarves, city walking, pens for surgery, ‘The Godfather’ GIFs, drawing machine

Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy et al could’ve been Burpy, Dirty, Lazy, Wheezy. On time, money and why people in cities walk fast. The best kinds of pens for emergency tracheotomies include the BIC Soft Feel Jumbo. Really. (via Not Exactly Rocket Science) “The Godfather” in three animated GIFs. And have you seen the drawing machine made from a couple of turntables and a Sharpie? (video, via CNet)


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  • bcw

    Notice that the reporter is wrong in the story about city walking speed: he says that walking speed is linear in population.

    The plot is not linear but logarithmic, walking speed increases by the same amount every time the population size increases by the same multiple. People walk about 1 f/s faster if a city has ten times the population as another, and 2 f/s faster if the city is 100 times larger.

    It’ s unfortunate that reporters tend to have problems with math as they end up misinforming their readers. It’s weird that while nobody would accept a music reviewer who knew no music, we get science reporters who can’t read a graph.