Chrome becomes World’s top Web Browser – for a day

Since it was launched in 2008, Google’s Chrome browser has been steadily gaining share against Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. And for one day last week, Sunday March 18, Chrome was the most used browser in the world, according to newly released stats.

The Wednesday announcement of Chrome’s brief rise to No. 1 last Sunday was made by Irish metrics firm StatCounter.

While it’s only a one-day event, “this is a milestone,” Aodhan Cullen, the CEO of StatCounter, said in an interview. Chrome still faces a tough battle to unseat its main rivals,  including IE and Firefox, in many regions of the world. Chrome remains in an often distant 2nd or 3rd place in China, the U.S., and Germany.

“The long term trend  has certainly been for Chrome gaining market share, but there is no guarantee it’s going to become the No. 1 browser,” Cullen said.

Cullen declined to predict when the switch might come, but StatCounter’s own numbers say Chrome is gaining an average of about 2 percentage points a  month on IE, over the past year. That means at its current rate of growth, Chrome would become the world’s top browser sometime in the June to July period.

There also is a great deal of uncertainty about such measurements. They are based on a relatively small sample of total web use (15 billion page views per month, including 4 billion from the US), and there is also a dispute about methodology.

But one fascinating trend unearthed by StatCounter was the surge in use Chrome gets on weekends, and the corresponding drop in the use of Internet Explorer, when people are apparently not sitting at their office computers and have more freedom to choose their browser.

While the useage of Firefox, Opera and Apple’s Safari browser don’t fluctuate much between weekdays and weekends, there is a huge ebb and flow between IE and Chrome, suggesting that people are switching between Microsoft weekdays and Google weekends.

“That’s really interesting,” Cullen said in an interview. “It’s just an indication  that when people have the choice at home, they are using Chrome, and when the go back to work, and your browser choice is indicated by company policy, people are using Microsoft.”

“Whether Chrome can take the lead in the browser wars in the long term remains to be seen, however the trend towards Chrome useage at weekends is undeniable. At weekends, when people are free to choose what browser to use, many of them are selecting Chrome in preference to IE,”  Cullen said.

The movement to Chrome is of  under appreciated significance for Google, because Chrome is the keystone of its cloud-based strategy. It’s also significant for Google’s revenue picture, because Google does not have to pay search advertising Traffic Acquisition Costs to Mozilla, Apple or other browser-makers for searches made from Chrome browsers.


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  • Rogumbi

    I use Chrome because of its simplicity and uncluttered appearance. Why do I need all the bells and whistles in Internet Explorer or Firefox that often takes up a lot of space on the browser’s window.
    All that I really need in a browser are the tabs, bookmarks, and the URL entry line. All the rest of the stuff are useless. If one has a small screen computer then most of the browser window will be taken up by useless stuff reducing the viewable area for the website being looked at. That is why I am using Google Chrome at the present time.

  • elfsn

    I believe one day chrome will pass IE thoroughly. I use chrome mainly for its fast speed.Actually I don’t like the simple appearance.I prefer some useful build-in features and buttons just like what Avant browser and maxthon do.
    Chrome is NO.1 when it comes to the speed.

  • adfasdfa

    I used to use chrome but now I am using avant is fast as chrome and more stable than chrome.
    Chrome is cool because it became the NO.1 in yesterday .just congratulations to chrome

  • Francisco

    Well, just tell me who else and when someone else will be writing and predicting Google out come, just because they wanna piece of the action, the name Popularity and well deserved it, anyone with Google, means all of us, can careless about your own make profit opinions, just let Google be Google means better 4 everyone, +Google isn’t the only thing that make Google be Google and its Great ! when you Chrome.

  • Chrome is a great browser, I only wish it had firebug.

  • Well said about Lindamood, Mike. We have so few in-state players, much less ones who really contribute, so this makes his departure all the more significant. Remember he played a few years as a walk-on, without a scholarship and worked hard to become one of the strongest on the team.

  • only my grandpa uses IE and he won’t switch to Chrome!

  • I don’t use chrome simply because I don’t want Google to dominate another area area in the internet world. I haven’t used IE since the 90’s but with all these cool commercials I’m seeing for it I might give it a try. I personally use Fire fox love the personalization and add ons.