Quoted: tech’s support for undocumented students

“It makes no sense to dead-end [undocumented students] after they are educated.”

Eva Grove, wife of Intel co-founder Andy Grove, on why the Groves’ family foundation gave $1 million to immigration-related groups last year, according to the Wall Street Journal. Other Silicon Valley tech figures mentioned in the WSJ article who are involved with groups such as San Francisco-based Educators for Fair Consideration, which helps fund college educations for undocumented immigrants, include Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs; Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm; and Mark Leslie, founder of Veritas Software. Jobs says “Congress’s inaction… [on the Dream Act] is devastating for these students and tragic for the country.” The Dream Act — which would allow those who are in the United States illegally to eventually earn citizenship by going to college or serving in the military — and other earlier similar bipartisan efforts have been around in some form for more than a decade but have failed to get the necessary votes to pass in Congress. Meanwhile, a bill that would ban illegal immigrants from attending Georgia’s public colleges reportedly passed the Senate in that state yesterday.


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  • Jeff

    Yes this is what we need. Bored wives of rich men providing incentives for more illegals to come to the US when we have 9% unemployment. I guess that steady flow of cheap labor is more important than your fellow countrymen.

  • Milan Moravec

    Slicon Valley Republican and Democrat titans side step the issue of access and affordability of instate Californians to University of California Berkeley. Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau displaces Californians qualified for public Cal. with a $50,600 payment from born abroad foreign and out of state affluent students. And, foreign and out of state tuition is subsidized in the guise of diversity while instate tuition/fees are doubled.

    UCB is not increasing enrollment. Birgeneau accepts $50,600 foreign students and displaces qualified instate Californians (When depreciation of Calif. funded assets are included (as they should be), out of state and foreign tuition is more than $100,000 + and does NOT subsidize instate tuition). Cal. instate tuition now more expensive than Harvard, Yale. Like Coaches, Chancellors Who Do Not Measure-Up Must Go.

    More recently, Chancellor Birgeneau’s campus police deployed violent baton jabs on Cal. students protesting Birgeneau’s tuition increases. Tough choices must be made: the sky will not fall when Birgeneau and his $450,000 salary are ousted. Opinions make a difference; email UC Board of Regents marsha.kelman@ucop.edu