Quoted: Zap that trap

“The system can disturb remote people’s speech without any physical comfort.”

The inventors of the SpeechJammer, a prototype handheld device that can be aimed like a gun at those who are talking too much or too loudly. According to the Telegraph, the device “takes advantage of psychologists’ discovery that it is virtually impossible to speak when your own words are being played back to you with a delay of a fraction of a second.” The Japanese researcher and professor who created the device say it could be used in libraries and in meetings. No word on whether they’ve heard about this on Capitol Hill. GMSV readers, won’t you tell us in the comments where else you think the SpeechJammer (video, hilarious) would come in handy?


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  • Nick Luesing

    I think the speech jammer would come in handy at any of the award shows, Oscars, Emmys, etc. It would limit those long boring speeches.

    Also, what about during a senate filibuster?


    “…without any physical comfort” – I’m assuming they meant discomfort. Except the mental discomfort of having someone aim a large and bulky raygun at you, and the possible anxiety caused by having a laser target dot climb up your chest and onto your face. Not the most subtle of counteractions. However, Congress being not the subtle venue for so-called discussion, I am still intrigued at its potential for use there.