Quoted: SETI searches for human help

“Suddenly, we have the tools of the astronomer to try and answer the question by doing experiments rather than asking the priests and the philosophers what we should believe.”

Jill Tarter, astrophysicist and director of the Center for SETI Research, talked to NPR about the mission of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, which is re-launching its website today. Using the website, SETI is crowdsourcing the search for alien life by streaming radio frequencies from its Allen Telescope Array, which is in Northern California. Tarter says she hopes human volunteers/citizen scientists can spot signals that automated detection systems can’t.


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  • Bryan

    Wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely for a telegram from Somebody Else to be received in one’s own lifetime?

    Better yet would be if we as a species could fight and kill them. Cliché though it’s become, it really does seem likely the only way we’ll ever stop killing each other.