Quoted: on NSA’s warning about Anonymous

“It’s a real threat. You want to occupy Wall Street? How about turn Wall Street off? Even for a day.”

James Lewis, a cybersecurity specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The Wall Street Journal reports that the director of the National Security Agency has warned that given a couple of years, Anonymous could turn to hacking into the power grid. Hacking group Anonymous has targeted corporations, government agencies and law enforcement, the media and more in the past couple of years — for reasons ranging from supporting whistleblower website WikiLeaks to protesting against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Last week, it attacked websites belonging to the Federal Trade Commission. But a couple of tweets on one of the hacking collective’s Twitter accounts today say the NSA is engaging in “ridiculous fear-mongering. … Why would Anons shut off a power grid? There are ppl [sic] on life support/other vital services that rely on it. Try again NSA.”


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  • Blessings

    This will be an excuse for the Government to start destroying computers remotely and without due process. Something Senator Hatch has already alluded to….

  • Anonymous is certainly a convenient enemy when you need more funding for the eternal war. Why reach out to people in love and mutual human interest when you can threaten them every day like George nutso Bush did in his time, which BTW Obama continues unabated albeit with a softer, gentler touch?

  • jrobino

    Anonymous does web hacking – nothing more. Does James Lewis think that some script kiddies can jump on an airplane, come to the US and tie their (properly converted) +- 5 or 12 volt DC ports to the raging AC kVs coming at them ? And not fry, that is.

    OTOH, the power grid has already been hacked. The result manifested itself shortly after George W. Bush ascended to the presidency. Without missing a beat The President called for more drilling (specifically in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska) in order for California to avoid similar shortages in the future.
    Is this the type of hacking that James Lewis thinks that Anonymous can do ? Or even Want to do (since it’s antithetical to their stated goals), for that matter ?

  • Joe

    Totally not surprising. It’s all coming to a head. Sun Tsu said that the truly wise can foresee what would happen and takes action to prevent the bad “what if’s” from happening. Well lots of really smart people can see the “Perfect Storm” headed our way. So a little energy insurance is not a bad idea. Just own your own personal scale utility grid like a Victorygasworks machine like they talk about in Mechanical Engineering magazine. Everyone else will have no power while you will. Might as well get some extra water, food, toiletries and brush up on some survival skills while you are at it as well.

  • yogiyogi

    No end to war to keep the bureaucratic in power.

    Write another Fed Res check and charge the American people by rising inflation. No permission from congress necessary…

    War only begets more war.

    And we have the new terror threat. Be afraid.

    It cracks me up when I see Anon referred to as “it” and so forth.
    But it’s almost an entire new generation that’s fed up with the abyss they find themselves put into.