Off topic: Clothes-swapping couples, talking dictionaries, ABC movie quiz, going dotty

Aw — or whoa — photos of couples wearing each other’s clothes. (via To help preserve endangered languages, talking dictionaries. (via Wall Street Journal) ABCinema, or an alphabet movie quiz. (video, via Brain Pickings, which has the answers) And I may be late to the party, but have you played with Koalas to the Max?


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  • Bryan Harrison

    The fascination of clothes swapping is not so much anything that’s revealed about gender as it is what’s demonstrated about clothing: women’s clothing is far more likely to be ugly than men’s. This is unsurprising: women’s wear is much more heavily manipulated and marketed and consequently the bullshit factor is enormously greater.

    The majority of women’s clothing makes women, men, children, dogs, and wire hangars all look equally grotesque. We can expect men’ clothing to achieve equality of hideousity just as soon as it becomes profitable for it to be equally overworked, overwrought, and oversold. (Say, next Tuesday.) It’s a definition of equality worthy of Harlan Ellison at his darkest.

    Form really does follow function, and given that the function of fashion is to sell sow ears to pigs at silk purse prices, it’s hardly surprising that the fashion industry is simultaneously the one most likely to use the word “elegant” and least likely to ever produce an example of it. A fashionista wouldn’t recognize beautiful engineering if it hopped out of a Prada bag acquired for the price of a car and slit his or her throat with a Japanese strait razor from some collection at MOMA.

    The operative part of bullshit is, after all, shit. Why merely put your foot in it when a multibillion dollar industry exists to wrap your entire body in the complete, immersive fecal experience?