Twitter trouble: Tourists banned from U.S.; Anonymous targets Richmond cop

Here are a couple of Twitter-related troubles, none having to do with the company itself. This time, it’s about the people who use the social-media service.

• The Department of Homeland Security has banned a couple of British tourists from taking their “holiday” in the United States after one of them tweeted that he was going to “destroy America.” The Sun reported yesterday that Leigh Van Bryan, who was supposed to go on vacation with a friend, also tweeted that he would be “digging up Marilyn Monroe” when they arrived in Los Angeles. Van Bryan said he and his friend were held for five hours, locked up overnight, then sent back to England. The BBC says Van Bryan is 26 years old, an Irish national and a bar manager. We mentioned on GMSV last week that the FBI is quite interested in people’s tweets and posts. (See FBI looks to monitor social media…) Looks like they’re not the only ones.

• Also facing some Twitter-related trouble is a Bay Area police officer who reportedly tweeted about his disdain for hackers. Well, OK, according to the Contra Costa Times, the Richmond cop tweeted “Get those hacking (expletive). I’m a cop in the bay area CA. (sic) I would go at them with both guns!” Sgt. Mike Rood was addressing Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White. White had expressed support for the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), the anti-piracy legislation that had recently inspired protests. Anonymous, which is against SOPA and PIPA, reportedly hacked into UFC’s website and also released White’s personal information, including his Social Security number. As for Rood, YourAnonNews released his badge number and phone number on Twitter yesterday. The CCT says the Richmond Police Department is not confirming his identity. It wouldn’t be the first time Anonymous has gone after law enforcement. Last year, the hacking collective went after Arizona officers over that state’s immigration policies. (See More (in)security: Arizona cops hacked…)


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  • Bryan

    I threaten to overthrow the US government at least once a week, have speculated that – like John McCain before him – Newt Gingrich is a Thing being puppeted by his UFO alien wife, and have often suggested we import lions to whom we could throw christofascists.

    I suppose it’s fortunate I live within walking distance of Canada, where they may still comprehend that some people possess something called a sense of humor.