Quoted: Steve Jobs unveils proposal for Apple campus

“I think we bring a lot more than free WiFi.”

Steve Jobs, in response to Councilwoman Kris Wang’s question about whether Apple might provide free WiFi for the city. A day after Jobs’ keynote at Apple’s developer conference, during which he showed off iCloud, Jobs returned to more down-to-earth matters, sort of. Tuesday night during a 20-minute presentation (video), he unveiled plans for a new, spaceship-like campus for what he reminds the city council is the “largest taxpayer in Cupertino.” Watching the presentation — a formality if there ever was one — it’s hard to imagine the council members saying no to Apple’s plans, even if the company fails to provide free WiFi or build an Apple store in the city, which Mayor Gilbert Wong requested. His Steveness was ever the master showman. There was the wow factor of a round, non-boring office campus that would hold up to 13,000 employees, and — sorry, San Francisco — perhaps host Apple’s famous, buzz-filled conferences. Jobs also threw in some nostalgia, saying the land on which Apple plans to build “is kind of special to me” because the company bought it from HP. (He once had a summer job with Hewlett-Packard and spoke fondly of its founders.) Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune wrote of Jobs’ presentation: “[It] could serve as a lesson to CEOs around the world in how to bend a local government to your will.”  Jobs, who is on medical leave, looked thin but seemed well; he inspired applause upon introduction and after his presentation. He said Apple would soon be submitting a formal proposal, and that the company would like to break ground next year and move into the campus in 2015.


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  • Yes, it was a masterful performance. I was sorry to see him looking so frail, though, considering that his is in his fifties. Part of his appeal is his ability to be relaxed and convincing at the same time. Very well done.

  • Steve Jobs should learn that health is 95 percent mental and only 5 percent comes from food and exercise. And the guy who first said that was the world’s expert on health, nutrition, and exercise – Bob Hoffman of York Barbell fame, the godfather of the U.S. Olympic weightlifting team.