Quoted: on Facebook and breasts

“It’s funny it happened after the media got involved. I sent many polite e-mails asking for information over the course of the last few weeks and got no response. None.”

Laura Eckert, a birth photographer whose Facebook account was disabled over photos — she’s guessing one of them was a recent photo that partially shows a new mom’s breast — the company deemed inappropriate, then restored. The Iowa woman, who uses Facebook to promote her photography business, says she sent 30 or more e-mails and didn’t get a response from the company till a TV station reported the story. A company spokesman chalked up the incident to a mistake, saying Facebook reviews thousands of photos a day. The social networking site also deleted the page for breastfeeding support group The Leaky B@@b over the weekend in an ongoing fight involving nursing moms, according to the New York Times’ Motherlode blog. The page was reportedly restored, then deleted again. The page, which has more than 10,000 fans, is currently back up. But as Motherlode indicates, photos showing nipples violate the site’s terms of service, so the battle may not be over.


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  • Randy Perrelet

    The bigger Facebook has gotten, the worse their customer support has become. At this point, they are completely awful. Trying to find a “form” to submit to their support team is now similar to playing “Where’s Waldo”. I finally got fed up and closed my account, only to find that my page was never deleted. Maybe I should have posted some nude pictures of myself. That, apparently, is the only way to get their attention.