Quoted: War of words over Wired’s WikiLeaks coverage

“Those first stories in June either excerpted, quoted or reported on everything of consequence Manning had to say about his leaking. We’ve led the coverage on this story, and we would gain nothing by letting another scoop simmer unreported on our hard drives.”

Kevin Poulsen, the Wired.com senior editor who broke the story about Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning’s arrest for allegedly leaking classified U.S. government information to WikiLeaks, responds to demands that Wired make public all the online-chat logs between Manning and Wired’s source, former hacker Adrian Lamo. According to the initial article by Poulsen and colleague Kim Zetter, the soldier confided in Lamo, who “agonized over the decision to expose Manning” but eventually turned him in. Glenn Greenwald of Salon published a piece Monday titled “The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired,” saying Wired’s refusal to make the chat logs public has “enabled Lamo to drive much of the reporting of this story by spouting whatever he wants about Manning’s statements without any check.” Greenwald in the past has questioned the credibility of Lamo, as well as Lamo’s “long and strange history” with Poulsen, also a former hacker. Wired.com Editor in Chief Evan Hansen calls Greenwald’s criticism a “despicable smear campaign based on the oldest misdirection in the book: Shoot the messenger.” Speaking of books, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will write a memoir, and will reportedly use a $1 million-plus advance to keep the whistleblower website afloat.


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  • spktruth

    We should ignore WIRED until they come clean. nothing wrong with julian HAVING to write a book to get the dough to defend himself. wired is exposed as a hack group.

  • RedRat

    Hmm. Sounds like FUD being spread by the government doesn’t it? Yeah, let’s ignore Wired, that way we can keep our heads neatly and safely buried in the stand. Remember, government is run by and for politicians, they greatly fear any exposure to sunlight. That is why they are squawking so loudly right now.

    Right now, with all the leaks, including the Iraqi killings, what has been untruthful? The killing actually did take place, the truth hurts, yes but it is the truth. If the truth hurts, then you are living in a delusional world. Same goes for the State Dept. leaks, other than hurt feelings, the vast majority of what was released was nothing but gossip and more than likely truthful assessments by the diplomats. It is about time that this stuff sees the light of day.


    The legend being pushed that a clown straight out of Mad Comics accessed tens of thousands of documents is what’s important here.

    There’s a much larger game on. Manning and ego-centric misfits like Julian are witless pawns.

    So geniuses, who gets what from releasing this drivel? The USGOV to some degree is present in all of this. Messages guised as stolen are being transmitted en clair that cannot otherwise be sent.