Video: iPhone 4 camera problem

I wrote on Monday about a problem with the camera system on Apple’s new iPhone 4 that was affecting users’ ability to not only take pictures but use FaceTime, the new video chat feature. My colleague Maria Avila helped me put together the video below that illustrates the issue. (H/t to another colleague, Greg Young, who helped me illustrate the FaceTime issue.)


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  • I’m having a problem with my iPhone 4… My camera is now blurry and as a result my pictures are blurry. The lens is clean, the plastic cover has been taken off the first day I go it, and even when I use the auto focus it’s still blurry/foggy. I’m not exactly sure why this happened but even since I drove from Vegas to Virginia the pictures are now not clear nor sharp. I’m not sure if it’s because there is a lot more humidity in the air or what, but if anyone has any suggestions it would be helpful.

  • jennifer small

    Mine is doing the same thing!!! Photos come out faded with a blueish tint!

  • Otti

    Mine is doing exactly the same its like foggy and redish color!!

  • jason

    my ihpone is crap now, its like theres dust on the lens, but its compltely clean. and its only about 8 months old!

  • gabby

    me too! Mines only 8 months aswell, what did u do to get it fit? or apple fitx it?

  • I noticed the camera weirdness on day 1 also. I was in a kind of dark area and it looked like there was a blue film over the image, then a little later it was orange. I went outside and the problem disappeared.

    I then tested it in different lights and noticed that the less light, the more of a problem there appears.

    Now I notice in mid-light conditions I have a feint yellowish bleed on the right edge, but it appears fine in full light.

    I’ll give it a couple weeks before I exchange it to see if there’s a software fix.

  • Rgerb

    my new iphone 4s camera photos looks like an xray photo.
    Color is off. I don’t know if it is defective or I need to make a
    setting adjustment.

  • james

    I solved the same problem by taking off the hard case protector that I bought to protect it.

  • Sam Kapoor

    I seen this video and i think i am right. Actually i have iphone 4 and its camera creating problem like hanging, auto restart and showing us black screen. It’s usually happens when either the phone has dropped down or it has got some major injuries. I just had the same camera problem with my iphone 4. I was thinking that factory reset can solve my problem but nothing happened. So I start searching remedy on internet and I got my solution for my Iphone camera when I was not getting any perfect solution for my device. I applied the above solution on my Iphone and it worked. Now my Iphone 4 camera is working. Hope the solutions would also solve your problem.