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I’m reporting a piece on job-hunting in the great and growing wildness of the twittersphere. I’m finding hype, hope, good and bad, lots of noise. It’s a wonder you tweeting job-hunter don’t have your heads explode after a few hours in that place. The piece should run later this week sometime. Let me know what you think.


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  • Chris Parkinson

    In these tough times I too have started my own company. I did myself a favor though and canceled all my credit cards and in doing so I gained an APR of 14%. That enabled me now to pay off my cards, no more auto loan, and increasing my credit score dramatically. My dun and bradstreet is also in good shape. Now you would think I should have little problem finding business financing, so that I can grow the business and hire people to scale up the marketing, production, and R&D. Think again even with great credit, a great product (wireless motor controllers) and profitability in a proforma business profile, nada.

    Our banks are messing with us and not supplying the needed capital with us entrepreneurs to endure and succeed. I see today the California Attorney General Jerry Brown is suing a major bank for pension fund fraud. Go get them and tell them they need to reform and start lending us some of those tarp funds so that we can push our unemployed butts back into the economy.

    If you are in a similar boat, we should all band together in a hi-tech cooperative or joint ventures or the like because, in numbers we prevail where in these tough times going it alone is a fools game.