Another week, another bit of suspense

Kris updated me this morning on the first of his two interviews. Still up in the air:

Tomorrow is the other one, at 11:00am @ Stanford Hospital.

The first one was interesting – I cam e in just as another interviewee was leaving. (Also in a tie, but no suit)

The interview was interesting – I really didn’t do much talking. There were two interviewers, a woman and the owner of the Flying Club. When I whipped out my “Binder of Success” they seemed very impressed. I decided there were two scenarios playing out:

1.) They had already decided on a candidate (hence the lack of questions) and were simply giving me a courtesy interview.

2.) They knew right away that I would be the one, and weren’t wanting to waste time with silly questions. (They had already seen my resume and cover letter) The owner of the club commented that he was looking for an outgoing person…and that, “I definitely fit that bill.”

I suck at reading into interviews, just fyi.


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  • Well at least Kris got some interviews. I have been waiting for more interviews this 2 weeks and none at all so far.