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  • FCC Chair Talks Broadband Policy

    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski visited the San Jose Mercury News on Monday to discuss a wide range of policy issues facing the Federal Communications Commission. In this 10-minute clip, he […]

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  • Troy’s full interview with Nintendo’s Miyamoto

    Troy’s full interview with Nintendo’s Miyamoto

    On Saturday, the Merc ran an edited version of my interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s chief game designer. Below you’ll find the full text of my interview, which took place […]

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  • How I Find Serendipity In The Digital Age

    Over the weekend, the New York Times published a piece by technology editor Damon Darlin under the headline, “Serendipity, Lost in the Digital Deluge.” As the headline suggests, Darlin laments […]

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  • Google buys billboards to drive Apps traffic

    Google is a master at selling advertising, but it’s never done much buying on its own behalf, especially in traditional media. When you’ve built up a dominant position through word […]

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  • The first rule of Exploding iPod Club …

    Steve Jobs may want to put in an order for a new velvet glove; the old one just doesn’t seem to be cushioning his iron fist the way it used […]

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  • Quoted

    “Facebook and MySpace might contribute towards communities, but I’m wary about it. It’s not rounded communication so it won’t build a rounded community. If we mean by community a genuine […]

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  • Off Topic

    An archive of RadioShack catalogs (of timely interest in light of reports that the chain, in a dubious bit of rebranding, will soon begin calling itself “The Shack”). Also, the […]

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