“Our expectation is that this is not a gesture of good will. People don’t just send you five laptops for no good reason.”

Kyle Schafer, West Virginia’s chief technology officer, says the delivery of five unordered HP laptops to the governor’s office (along with similar shipments either delivered or intended for officials in nine other states) is now being investigated by the FBI as a possible vector for a malware attack.


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  • Or maybe just HP’s way of saying “hey why not buy HP?”

  • ToNYC

    Valley girl said it all, “Gag me with a spoon”. Beware those two-legged animals; they foul their own nest and kill one another.

  • dermbuilder

    Vector for malware? More likely a questionable marketing ploy. What do you bet the ten states where this happened are those that don’t have specific laws against this type of thing.