“Today is not the end of the war but it certainly is a key battle that we’ve won. Now it’s time to move on to the next series of battles with our victory in hand.”

SCO Group CEO Darl McBride, after an appeals court Monday overturned a 2007 decision and ruled that the company was entitled to a jury trial on the claim that it owns the Unix operating system, likely breathing new life into SCO’s long-running lawsuits against Novell and IBM and its efforts to collect licensing fees on the Linux OS.


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  • dermbuilder

    What I never could understand is why SCO’s enemies didn’t simply launch a hostile takeover and then simply destroy SCO. All you have to do is offer all the stockholders a deal they cannot refuse. At the price of lawyers that would have to be cheaper than a lot of litigation. Also most companies own tangible property that can be liquidated to recover some of the cost of the takeover.

  • Curmudgeon2000

    Should SCO ever prevail with this nonsense, they might be able
    to get something out of big companies with something to lose,
    like IBM et. al. But in general the Linux horse is long, long
    gone from SCO’s Unix barn, and they are delusional to think
    that they can corral it again. They’ll be joining the same
    losing game of Internet Whack-A-Mole that the the media
    companies are playing now vis-a-vis file sharing.