Is anyone really reading your online job applications?

The folks over at Jobvite tell me that their recent survey on the state of recruitment revealed a compelling tidbit – many of the jobs available out there never show up on job boards. So sitting there in your pajamas firing off countless resumes might be a waste of time…

Consider this survey question and answer:
Q: What percentage of your company’s total vacancies are listed on paid job boards?
A: Not Listed – 43%
Listed – 57%

To see the full survey and details on the sample group, as well as information on the use of social-networking tools to find a job, go to: http://


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  • Tim

    This seems like a free ad for jobvite, which is not that great of a product.

  • harlemmoon

    Why am I not surprised.
    Despite all of our talk of progress, leveling of the playing fields and equal opportunity, the real jobs – and deals – are still based largely on WHO you know.

  • Netizen

    After six months unemployment, I was hired a few weeks ago by one of the most prestigious global Internet corporations in the world at a very competitive salary. Was this an unpublished job? No… It was a position I applied for over the Internet (and posted at;; and

    The company received my resume in December 2008 over one or several of these job sites listed, and after exhaustively interviewing candidates over six months, extended me an offer a few weeks ago.

    “I did this” in comfortable boxer shorts and tee shirts sitting day in, day out at a computer screen, but I consider it a “miracle” in this economy.

    To stay afloat in this perfect economic storm, I jettisoned the cargo weighing me down and threatening my survival. After realizing the job market was not improving after three months unemployment, I ceased making ALL credit card, mortgage and home equity line after consulting with a bankruptcy attorney. I went into negotiations with my mortgage lender for an Obama home modification, with my loan fortunately funded by Fannie Mae. Yes, this meant giving up an almost perfect credit score. Unlike some people during the boom, I never misrepresented myself on loan applications for credit cards or my mortgages, so I qualify for a clean start with Chapter Seven under the stricter 2005 bankruptcy laws. If I file soon, my six months unemployment is averaged with my several weeks’ income, thereby meeting the income requirements for Chapter Seven. And having a decent paying job in the high five digits (not low six digits like my pre-recession job that I lost) qualifies me for a major restructuring of my underwater mortgages (possibly reducing my mortgage balance by over a third).

    Many unemployed deplete their savings, 401k and bank accounts to pay the minimum on credit cards and make mortgage payments. This is analogous to the frog sitting in warm water that is brought slowly to boil. The water reaches a boil and the frog discovers too late it is dying, but it is too injured from the heat to jump out of the boiling water; whereas if the water was hot to begin with, the frog would have jumped out immediately. I got a clue that I should conserve all resources soon after losing my job due to downsizing, by discontinuing ALL creditor payments. I jumped out of the warm water before it came to a full boil. Don’t sit there in warm water and allow creditors to bring that water to full boil, causing you to eventually lose your credit anyway and possibly become homeless! Every dollar you do not pay them will delay the day of reckoning and buy you precious time to get another job.

    I wouldn’t have made it to this wonderful job if I answered the phone to strange numbers flashing on the caller-ID. Instead, I turn off the ringer on my cell, and only answer if I recognized the number. The company that hired me understood that I was busy professional job hunting, and my not answering caused them to leave me voicemail messages. You don’t have to answer unknown calls… let voicemail pick them up! Employers will figure you’re busy job hunting, and not sitting there in your pajamas waiting for the phone to ring.

    There’s nothing wrong with sitting in your pajamas or fresh clean underwear in front of a computer. Nobody can see you except your spouse and God. During a long journey, comfort makes all the difference.

    Yes, you can get a job like I did. Now I’ve traded boxer shorts and tee shirts for khaki slacks, Oxford shirts and loafers in an air-conditioned cubicle in a very high-class corporation. I did it thanks to the Internet and job sites, but I owe credit to my guardian angel and God most of all.

  • Miss M

    To Netizen,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It is uplifting and hopefully 2.0 participants and others will not give up hope. God does make the difference in how one deals with the jobless journey.

  • hina

    i have no money but i want to earn do u give me a favour i will pay after work becoz i m poor and have no money to pay

    • what work are you looking for?

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  • Steve

    Websites are a complete waste of time.

    I’ve posted a resume on about 3,000 websites over the past 3 years, applied for all kinds of jobs and nobody, has called me stating they saw my resume and would like to speak with me.

    Oh, wait, I’m wrong. Primerica calls daily with exciting opportunities provided I pay a fee. I guess we have to be open about these things….