Update from Kris…

I was bored with my time after the long cold call out to Walnut Creek for Wing and a Prayer, Inc. (Mr. Ellison) and coming home on BART, so I whipped out the ol’ notebook and started writing down some notes. To put it all in perspective…

I started utilizing the FAA’s database for just Santa Clara County, and got 1800 results. From that, I narrowed down the registrations to 12. Twelve potential leads. Of those – 3 have responded.

A 25% return rate is not the greatest, but it’s at least SOMETHING.

The first was a flat out, “No thanks.” The other was just one person and the last one was the most promising. Even though they contract the management of the plane out to another comapny (a company I know) the gentleman was kind enough to include these words: “They could really use someone like you in the (blank) department.”

Today’s call was unique. It just so happens that the company was located across the street from the Walnut Creek BART station. Screw driving 680 – I’m ridin’ the rails. And hey, even though the actual “call” lasted all of three minutes…I got an excuse to ride BART out of it, right?

This is Kris, reporting from the Berkeley Cut, Tube #2!


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