Elise’s take on Sunday’s piece…

Elise took me to task – gently – for my story on Sunday: 

I’m finding the latest article not very favorable to readers or to my fellow Pink-Slip partners. I can say I was not very impressed with how the article currently portrays me either.

The comment from the lady below is very interesting? Along with the 1700 or so resumes I’ve sent out I’ve had approx. a dozen interviews – which average out to one a week since my lay-off. My reply back to “I don’t want to do anything differently” – hummm…. really! My cover letter and resume marketing strategies, my verbal and written display of valuable assets that I bring to prospective employers, my well poised interview questions and answers, my thank you follow-up letters, my follow-up inquiries about possible other positions within the company, my research into companies, and several other techniques that I employ before, during and after interviewing are quite meticulous and detailed. I am confident that when I say I’ve sent out 1700 resumes I have identified the most positive attributes that I can honestly put forward and have applied myself to the fullest to each and every resume sent.

(NOTE: This comes from a reader named “Linda” who emailed me some advice to pass on to Elise)

“Focus on unique values that I bring to prospective employers.” “What can I do to help a prospective employer, rather than sending out large amounts of generic inquiries?” WOW, Linda has done her elementary research in “Job Seekers 101”. I say this with the most sarcasm you can imagine.

It seems that Linda is using her own techniques to market and self promote her book – good for her!

On another note:

You may want to include in your next posting that I personally am not looking for pity, sympathy, a free hand out or a shoulder to cry upon. I am simply a hard working, devoted, “ol’ schooled” in my values and respect, person looking for a position within a company that has values and takes value in their employees. I’ve have 20+ years of experience in accounting (on the job and school). I am more than willing to take on new challenges and excel at them.


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